Thursday, August 08, 2013

Visitation to the Melacca Kampung Ketek

This small village consists of 7 residential houses, residence of the prominent late Malay writer Munshi Abdullah, and mausoleum of Acheh General, Syamsudin Al-Sumatarani who died in the war confronting Portuguese Army in 1511. Another Acheh General who died in the war was Panglima Pidi laid to rest at Bukit Cina.
The late Syamssudin Al-Sumatrani's Tomb, dated back in Portuguese period – 16th Century. Syamssudin Al-Sumatrani was a warrior who fought the Portuguese in Melaka.
I don't know it was a grave, until Anne whisper at me ask me to quickly get out of there. hahaha, I was too concentrated on taking pictures.
The graveyards were believed to be the graves of the earliest Sumatra people (Achehnese) who died in Melaka

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