Monday, April 28, 2014

Borneo Sarawak, Lachau Town with Wilson Chin

Lachau Town is a town on the main highway to Sri Aman, Sibu, and the rest of the division in the east part of Sarawak. And for me, its also serve as a rest stop for toilet break, and food :D

Here it has only three rows of shops houses, and most of them are operate by the Chinese. Chinese here they knows how to speak the Iban language also, as the Iban people will come here everyday to sells vegetables, fruits, and others Iban artcraft for tourist and visitor.
Lachau, an Iban word for Lizard. A small lizard which is fron the family of reptile, Usually with long tail and slender body (Green color body).


KC said...

Thanks for the stories and pictures of these small towns and villages you covered. They are very interesting.

Wilson Chin said...

KC, if have time, recommend you to visit the place. Crowded with local people, and interesting food and stuff.

KC said...

These small villages and towns have their own ways of dealing with life and business which might seem old school to urban folks... but it might actually be the future. I love to see the colorful fruits they gathered from the jungle.