Thursday, April 23, 2015

Adventure trip to Chin Swee Cave Temple at Genting Highland with Wilson Chin

Went to Genting Highland for a 3 days 2 night trip, and one of the place I found very interesting is the Chin Swee Cave Temple, situated near the Genting Highland resort. You can use the free shutter bus from the first world hotel to reach there.

The Chin Swee translate to Chinese means clear water. The view are breathtaking, cause its situated on the top of the highland.
Many magnificent sculpture on the temple wall.

The godes of mercy
I read the story of The Journey to the West since I was little, and I like the story very much. I was born in the year of Monkey, so today I escort my master and protect him, and assist by two brothers to the Journey of the West to get the sutera. :P
My next destination, the tall Pagoda...
The highest are Level 9, ran up there, need to slowdown to catch my breath. But I did it!!!
Very nice view look above from Level 9 :)

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