Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Santubong Camping Adventure with Wilson Chin and friend

Had a wonderful camping trip at Santubong campsite over the weekend, just 10 minutes walk from the park ranger office we reach this open space area with flat ground, and a ready barbecue pit. There is a nice river next to our campsite, and its very important cause we can get life saving water from the stream.
There are total of 8 person, and the food we had was bamboo chicken, bamboo rice, fish, pork, and as for desert, we have soft drink, chips, and jelly. I was extremely full after all these food, my belly cannot handle all the food. 

It was a hot day, and after night fall, i got bitten by a few sand-flies, so quickly jumps into my tent and sleep. Overall, wonderful trip, next trip plan to camp at waterfall area. 

Check out the 3D view created by Microsoft Photosynth, will do more of these in the future.

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