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Mount Murud Exploration - Summit The Mount Murud, Highest Mountain in Sarawak Post 3 of 4

Our guide wake up early to cook breakfast for us
5.15am. Whole night struggle to keep myself warm, very tough night. Daybreak arrives at 6.05am that morning, and I can’t wait to get up. Went to the kitchen, our trusted guide had already prepared our breakfast. I ask for a cup of hot boiling water, and make myself a cup of hot milk as a starter, and then followed by hot chicken porridge, and a pack of instant noodles. All these foods slowly keep my body warm, and I think I’m ready for my ascent to the summit now.

Morning view on top of a small ridge at church camp
6.50am. While waiting for some of my friends for breakfast, I walked into one of the small ridge on the west site of our shelter house. Enjoyed bird's eye view of this village, the sun rises in the east, but is covered by thick white clouds, and the mountain range was covered by a fog of clouds. It’s like the mountain range wearing a wedding veil, breathtaking views.

Muddy Trail
7.44am. It’s time to start our summit hike. I packed two chocolate bars, a litter of water, a cap, a microfiber towel, my mini cam, and the Nikon D90 SLR camera. The trek starts off on a muddy trail near the church, we keep descending on this muddy trail, there is moss vegetation around us. The temperature is around 24⁰C

Not a pleasant journey to hike up
8.43am. We crossed a few streams, with brownish water. The water is just like the one at Bako National Park, as it mixed with the rotten leaves and muddy soil. Until this point, we are slowly ascending, and the trail are still muddy. With one mistake step, you might end up getting stuck inside the mud pot.

Humid condition causes moss to grow everywhere
Waterfall trail with no water
9.36am. Passed by a waterfall trail, but there is no water that day. There were lots of moss, unique pitcher plants and orchids. Most of the orchids were not flowering, and I wonder why?

uneven trail, hard to access. Need to watch out for mud pot along the way 
Rock Garden at about 2300 m ASL
10.54am. Reached Rock Garden, and a lot of pitcher plants, most of them are Nepenthes hurrelliana, and law. At first, we keep on stopping to take the picture, but we came to a point that we just treat it as normal plant, because it was too many of them.

Church camp so far away
The weather was hot, clear blue sky. I looked back on where we came from, and I manage to see the tiny church camp from far away. I pause for a while and think back what I’ve been through these few days, and it was an amazing journey so far. I blessed with this beautiful weather, seeing some exotic flora like orchids and highland pitcher plant. Gone through some crazy weather, ate good food, bath with cold water.

Good weather, can have good view of the mountain range
When I am in the nature, with all the big trees, mountain, ranges, waterfall surrounding me, I felt that I’m really small as a human being. What is the use of money, or corporate level means to a person in this environment? Nothing!!! This is when a person really feels free on both body and soul. It will be great if the nature is my office, and I will have no problem coming to “work” everyday.

“Wilson!!! Let’s go…” Ah Loong called me, and brings me back to reality. “OK” I answered, and off we go to the summit.

Moss Garden with tree roots all over
11.28am. Moss Garden, first time encounter. This place is full of moss vegetation, the trails are formed by the roots of the trees, and carpeted by moss. Need extra precaution when choosing what to step on next., if not half of your leg might get stuck between the roots.

Borneo Explorer - Wilson Chin at the Mount Murud Summit
11.39am. Reach the summit of the highest mount in Sarawak the Mount Murud of the Pulong Tao National Park. The key to obtaining real peace in our lives is to focus on enjoying the journey, taking the time to “smell the pitcher plant,” it's all about the journey not the destination. On our team, there are 16 of us, and all of us manage to reach the summit. I asked myself “what’s next?” Well, you will just have to follow my blog to find out more….

Some hint… what’s the name of the highest waterfall in Sarawak? See you all in my next adventure

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SAMSUNG said...

原来Mount Murud 是Sarawak最高的一座山。我也想爬这座山,但我不清楚要带些什么。(除了饮食,外套,小刀)