Thursday, September 01, 2016

Mount Santubong Night Climb Camping

My team and I went to climb the Mount Santubong over the weekend, and we climbed till dawn, and reached the summit with heavy downpour and cold breeze.

Mount Santubong is one of the most prominent mountain in Kuching, its visible from the town on a clear day. With 810m above sea level, its not an easy mount to climb, very challenging, I urge you to try when you next travel to Kuching.

Pitch black along the way, remember to put a touch light when you go hiking, it will come in handy during emergency.
We tough we hear something in the wood, and use our flash light to look around if we can see anything
The Summit View of Mount Santubong, from here we can see the Semariang Town, and Santubong Bridge
F15 the rest hut at the summit. We camp there that night.

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