Thursday, December 24, 2009

Photo shooting @ Mundai Village (Kampung Mundai)

Kampung Mundai is situated at 22nd Mile, a Malay and Native village which is very near to the Tapah Village. I wake up early that morning, and I always wanted to take some village scenery shoots, I think this would be that perfect time. I start my car and drive into junction just 500 meter away from Tapah Village.

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I’m driving in a snake like road, as the road has many sharp turn, and driving up and down of hills roads. Along the road site I can see that there are lots of paddy fields, there are also other plantation like papaya, pineapple, bamboo, corn and rambutan.

The Mundai village has a small library, an Omni shop, and a catholic church. There is a water treatment center, this center provide clean water to Tapah Village, Beratok Village, Mundai Village, and the rest of the village in this area (from 21st to 23rd Mile of Kuching Serian Road).

Most of the people who live here have cars, but their main transportation is bike. They can ride heir bike to the paddy field, and carry the crops out easily. Some of the native people which live in a more remote area will usually walk, when the time I drive along the outskirt road I saw a guy carrying a big basket of stuff on his bag while walking to the main road direction.

I keep on driving, and frequently stop by the road site when I see good scene. When I reach the paddy field, the paddy green was greener than the grass. I stop at the junction where I saw a signboard saying Forward Padawan/Borneo Highland, Right Janbu/Karu road. I was a bit shock when notice that this road actually linked to Borneo Highland, and Padawan Town (10th Mile of Kuching Serian Road).

This is where my photography journey ends for that morning, so I took a U-Turn and drive back home. Just when I reach at the green paddy field it started to rain, but it was just drizzling and just before I was second away from the main Kuching Seraian road the rain had stop.

I wonder why is there a big rock in the middle of the field? At Tapah village, there’s also a place where it is full of similar rocks.

The amount paddies at this field are greater than others like the one at the opposite site, from geological point of view the river must have play an important role in helping the paddies to grow.

I like coconut drinks, but here the village boy they just let it drop and no one pick it.

Here is a 135° angle view of the green paddy that I mention. (click the image for full view)

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