Spat Waterfall Exploration near Sematan Silk Farm 靠近三马丹丝绸农场的瀑布游记

Besides camping, exploring waterfall is my second hobby. Its an enjoyment when I get to swim next to the waterfall, and let the water fall on my back. Its like a free massage to ease away the presure and worries. 
This is a waterfall situated near the Sematan Silk Farm, and behind the waterfall is the Pueh Mountain, which is the 3rd highest mountain in southern Sawawak, Borneo.
这瀑布是坐落在靠近三马丹丝绸农场,瀑布的山后是“ PUEH"山,南砂第三高山。
I like this place so much, but the problem here is littering. I suspect these litter might belongs to the people who visited this place. Mother nature gives us such wonderful present, we have to work together to cheris and protect it, not to make the place dirty.
Take nothing but photos, and leave nothing but footprint!!!


Unknown said…
This looks amazing.
How deep is the pool area? Can we swim directly under or near the waterfall?
May I know how to get there? I am interested to visit this place.

With thanks,
Eva Ruth

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