Santubong Tanjung Sipang Lighthouse Exploration 山都望 SIPANG 海角灯塔勘探记

The Santubong National Park is a good place to explore and seek for adventure, it is a hidden gen waiting to be rediscover again by me. I joined my hiker friend Ian Vong (he own the site My Santubong & Borneo Adventure) to the Santubong lighthouse, which is situated at the tip of the Santubong peninsular.

山都望国家公园,一个探索的好去处。我与一位登山友一起到了山都望,务必要到 SIPANG 海角的灯塔探索探索。
7.30am - We start to hike from the Permai Rainforest Resort, this will be the west coast of the Santubong peninsular. Watch my previous hike to west coast here.

早上七点半,开始从 PERMAI 出发。这次我们是走西部到灯塔,我上一次走过的记录在此点击阅读
8.00am - Its an easy trek so far, the trail are clearly marked. The weather are super fine that morning, the sun was covered by clouds. We are hiking next to the coastal line, due to the constant breeze, the wave are big that day. 

8.20am - Stop by at a small bay for a short break. And to take some aerial footage. That area are full of plastic waste, all being wash on shore. Its a tragedy to witness this. 

This small bay are beautiful, with fresh water flowing from the jungle, and beautiful rocks all over the place. However are the shore it was all covered by plastic waste.

Some part of the trail require us to walk on the coastal line, the wave are bigger than usual that day. So far my shoes are still dry 😏

8.45am - Walking on the coastal like is to walk on the big rocks, there are very little sandy beach there at Santubong.

9.17am - The roots of the tree grows on the surface of this big rock, imagine how long it takes for the roots to grow there. Nature is amazing.

On the west coast there are a lot of plantation with thorns, spines. 

9.33am - At Santubong there are many streams big and small. The water are clear, when your on a long trek in Santubong, no need to worry much about drinking water, there are plenty of mineral water here to drink.

10am - The wave are still very strong, our initial planning was is its low tide, we can hike along the coastal on the beach where its more easy and faster.

10.24am - For me so far the trail are still easy to hike, and many nice scenery to see along the way.

10.44am - The trail lead to the beach, on the west coast the beach are all rocks.

Some of the rocks are very slippery, I dont want to get injury here, have to pay extra careful when walking on the rocks, good thing I wear the correct shoes today. 

11.04am - Reach the abandon houses which locate somewhere at the neck of the peninsular. We had our lunch, and a few minutes break. I drone for a while here, and you can checkout my video here.

Unfortunately after this point onward, I did not manage to take anymore photos, because my camera had contact with the sea water while navigating along the rocks 😱 I can't turn on my camera, my Nikon D90. Feel very sad.... should get a waterproof camera next.


过了这里,我的相机不小心被海水弄湿。无法操作,好心痛阿~我的尼康相机 📷 希望可以修理好。
2.38pm - After about 7 hours, we manage to reach the lighthouse. Its a solar power lighthouse. I'm so happy that I made it here. 

4.30pm - The lighthouse is situated at Tanjung Sipang, the wave are constantly hitting the coast shore. And by the time our boat reach to pick us, we are had some trouble on getting from shore to the boat. Ian had tried to kayak to the boat a few time, but fail. At last he suggest that we hike east about 2 kilometer away to reach to a place where there are smaller wave for us to board the boat. But do you think that place is safe for us to get to our boat? check out my video here.

下午四点半。坐落在 SIPANG 海角的灯塔,这里的浪还是很大。我的朋友尝试用皮艇划到船,但是都不成功。一直被浪打回岸边,非常的危险。岸边有很多石头,朋友们都受伤了。


Video of Tanjung Spitang Lighthouse Adventure 

Trail State

Ascent: 92(67) m

Distance 9.22 km
Max Altitude: 110 m
Min Altitude: 61 m
Average Pace: 44:00 min/km
Average Moving Pace: 34:17 min/km
Moving Time: 5:16:17
Stopped Time: 1:29:30
Total Time: 6:45:47


Wow!!Great adventure!!But is a bit dangerous...... I wonder that what place will you go for a exploring trip next. (Because I love natural):)
Wilson Chin said…
Hi Samsung, you can like my page for latest update
Sorry , Wilson. I don't have facebook. But I will support you for exploring Borneo.I would like to explore with you but I'm only a student of secondary school.And must have permission from parents.(-_-)
Wilson Chin said…
Hi Samsung, its ok. Take it slow, your still young, plenty of time to explore this wonderful world. Ok, if the timing is good, we can hike together.
p/s: time to register a facebook account ;)
GG said…
Wilson very nice But the trash is really sad. Can I borrow the trash pictures and post on social media to raise awareness ?
Wilson Chin said…
Hi GG, thank you for visiting. Oh Yes, please do, need to create more awareness about the usage of plastic, and the waste created if there is no proper treatment.
MrDoel said…
Hi Wilson, loving your adventures.. Last year me and 3 other friends hiked to the abandon house (we call Teluk Belian) and stayed there for a night.. This December we are planning to hike from Damai all the way around Mount Santubong to Buntal area, probably Beach Seafood and will stay one night at Telok Pasir Beach at Telok Karangan (which you mentioned Kranggan in the video).. We plan to go during low tide so we can move faster on the sands. This time, our group is about 30 people hence Im trying to look for info so that everything goes well during the trip. Do you think it is possible to reach Kranggan in 5 hours from Damai? How was the hike near the light house? I never been there and can see quite a dificult climb at that area in the video.

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