Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Sekolah Menegah Kerajaan Limbang (S.M.K.Limbang)

Not feeling very well today, had running nose since yesterday morning. And I feel dizzy as well…shit I think I gonna get sick soon. In my office, I am sitting in the training room. Most of my colleague has running nose as well. I think I am spreading the virus to them.

Anyway this is my last post on Limbang place. This is my former secondary school, S.M.K Limbang. I start study here at 1993 (Transition Class), until 1999 (Form 6).

This is the place where we will have the assembly, out assembly is at every …er…I think is either Thursday or Friday morning. Hey my dear former classmates, if you still remember when, please leave me a message in the command.
By the way, that one is Zhi Yung. He is with me that day while visiting our school.

A view from the first floor.

This mini lake is a man-made lake by one of the school club. The Leo Club, but I think is very ugly. Zhi Yung is the Leo President at that time. Hey Zhi Yung, why the water so dirty eh!!!

This are all the since lab.

This block when in my time, is belong to the form 4 students. But I’m not sure what class they assign it now.

This old palm tree was there since the day I first study at SMKL.

This long and narrow corridor with roof top was build after I leave the school. So when at my time, if is a raining day we’ll get wet wet wet.

The canteen

Another view on the long and narrow corridor.

This block belongs to Form 5 & 6. I am using the second classroom on the ground floor, when study Form 5.

This is how the classroom looks like.

The new block, this are all computer rooms. According to my brother, now all the computer are using Pentium 4. Last time in my time, we are still using MS-DOS study Word Perfect….

The football field. I have play football with the Malays and Bumiputera student before, and hell they are really expert in football.

My school divided into two sessions; the morning session is for the Transition Class, Form 1, 2 and 3. For the evening session there will be Form 4, 5 and 6.

My school anthem. Pelajar SMK Limbang, semua bercita-cita.....

Oh…once again. May I present to you the principle of S.M.K Limbang…..

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