Monday, March 14, 2005

S.R.B Chung Hwa School

This is the Primary school that I studies before. The Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Chung Hwa a.k.a SRB Chung Hwa (Chung Hwa Primary School). I study year 1 at the year 1987 when I was 6 years old, and I have to study until year 6. I finish my year 6 at 1992 when I was 12 years old.

This is the block when I first come to study. Now they had repaint the building, back in my days the paint is faded and there are no writing on the walls.

This is the classroom that I first used; now it had become the classroom of Year 5C. Last time it was called Year 1C. They had divided all the classroom into 3 classes, class A, B and C. Near to my classroom the place where they put the fire extinguisher, I use to play there along with my school mate.
I remember there is one time when my school mates and I draw picture on the wall, and when our teacher found out. She punish us to wipe off our masterpiece *hahaha* luckily she didn’t cane us that time.

Moving to the second floor, this is where the Music class held back in my days, it is the first door on the right. Now I’m not sure what class it is. There is a lot of red lantern hanging on the classroom door; cause is Chinese New Year when I visit back my school.

I am not sure what the age of this mirror is, but it is hung there since I study. Now is more that 20 years…better take a shot at it. Still can see my reflection, I can send this photo to “The Mirror Project” (

This block belongs to Year 2 and 3 back in my days. My class is at the ground floor the first door I was in Year 3C that time.

The canteen, if not mistaken my break time is at 10.00 am – 10.30 am. There are only morning session, in the evening is for curriculum class, and tuition class. Last time I always feel that the canteen is big. But now when I visit back, I feel like the canteen is not that big at all. When the break time bell rang, my friends and I will rush to the canteen to dig for food. But there is always a long queue at the canteen.

Move along to the next classroom, this block belong to the Year 4. Now it had become the Library.

Some moral writing on the wall to remind the students to be good, at this wall they had wrote about the bad habits. Like don’t be greedy, liar, proud, bad, cheat, anger, and etc. Some of the words had exceeded my Chinese level, sorry folks some I cannot translate. Need to look in the Chinese dictionary.

Then is Year 5, and 6, year 6 is the last year at primary school, and we need to sit for an exam that is set by the government to proceed to secondary school. The UPSR exam, I didn’t get very well in my exam but I didn’t get bad results either, I was in the average level. I did get an A for my English, and that’s the only A I got. I feel regret sometime cause didn’t get good marks in my exam, to make my parent proud. Hope they will forgive me.

This is the hall; I will have my assembly every Monday morning. Talk about the assembly now when I recalled back, I had forgotten what the headmaster was always talking about during the assembly. I only remember we had to queue up in guys’ one roll, girls’ one roll. And need to sign the national anthem at the beginning of the assembly and the school anthem after the assembly.

I had sneaked into one of the classroom; the tables are still the same wooden table. But the chair had upgrade to plastic chair, last time I am using wooden chair.

This Chinese New Year greeting card made by one of the student is very interesting. I think her name is Sharon CHwa; she had a very special wish. The rest I don’t want to mention, what interesting is that she had wished the “Peace to the world”!! Well Sharon I hope your dream will come true some day :)
I also have big dream when I was a kid, but when I grow up I realize things are not as easy as it looks.

The scariest place at S.R.B Chung Hwa school. OMG~~!!! The dental clinic….arrrr…run for your life. It’s coming...

I found this banner near to the assembly stage, it goes like this “To drugs say NO, NO, NO” and “To ecstasy DESTROY, DESTROY, DESTROY”

Ladies and Gentlemen, behold the (fake) headmaster of S.R.B Chung Hwa Primary school...


Anonymous said...

you should re-post this article to is the hot topic now, since our school has closed down...BBT

Wilson said...

Buddy u remember or not, that day I use bike drive u back there, and we take photo together at the school.
sigh...very sad to hear that it will be close and tear down.