Monday, August 22, 2005

Jungle Tracking @ Matang Wildlife

The animal enclosures opening hours in the afternoon is 2:00pm and 3:30pm.

Wei Shian and I join the two o’clock session.

First stop is the alligator. The ranger told us that he is actually not harmful to human, and it will only attack if threatened.

Well that ranger must be thinking that we are all three years old kid. I never heard of alligator that is not harmful to people.

This is the Sambar Dear (Inside the yellow circle), Rusa in Malay. Interesting fact about the dear is that their voice is a high-pitched grunt and they stamp their front feet when suspicious of danger.

Next stop an area that is surrounded by net. Two small birds house inside the cage.

An eagle is standing on top of a tree branch.

A wired bird, with no feathers on it’s neck.

This is called the Masked Palm Civet, it eat fruit, leaves, worms, and mollusks. Interesting fact about the Civet is that they usually nocturnal and arboreal, rarely descending to the ground.

This is the Malayan Porcupine, it eat roots, tubers, fruits, and bones. They has keen appetite for bones and teeth capable dealing with them. Even the skeleton of a large mammal that has died will soon be demolished by the porcupine.

When the porcupine saw us taking photo of them, they start to run for cover. They scare we’ll catch them.

Wei Shian didn’t wait for me, he proceed to the next stop first. Then he shout at me to hurry go up there…

I quickly ran up to see what’s happen and look around but see nothing. No signboard, no animal, only trees.

Suddenly everyone is pointing at a direction, and then I notice is a big black bear.


The Rhinoceros Hornbills, bird of Sarawak. Feed mainly on fruit, small birds, and lizard. A very shy and timid bird and this is a totally protected animal in Sarawak.

This is where the hornbills lives, have water, mountain, trees, bird house.

Next stop is the monkey.

They jump here and there, and make a lot of noise. Very naughty animal.

Our last stop is the Orang Utan, They feed on fruits with young leaves and insects. Interesting fact about this Orang Utan is that 96.4% similarity to human in terms of generic material.

Here is a clip on the Orang Utan. No mater how we called this big guy he just ignore us, and play on its own. So far this is the biggest orang utan that I had ever see.

The smaller orang utan taking a 5 minutes break after the photography session.

After our last stop, is time for us to head home.

On the way home. It was very fun able to visit to many animals today, hope next time when I come back again there will be more new animals to see.

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Kenny said...

i went for the morning feeding session..and i went semmongoh..not matang..