Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Miri – Part One of Six

Since Miri had become a city earlier this year 2005, it is hard to believe that Miri had indeed change a lot. Each time when I went back to my hometown Limbang, I need to passby Miri but only transit at the Miri Airport didn’t visit the city.

The first night I was out to explorer the new face of Miri city, together with my old time buddy who stays at Miri. With almost half-an-hour car ride, my friend bring me to this new park called the “Taman Miri” aka Miri Park. Before we reach she asked me whether afraid of height of not. I was curious why asked that question, as when we reach our destination, I was shock that it is a park, but with a very long suspension bridge hanging in the mid air. I was so exited when I saw the bridge, I hurry set my camera ISO to 400 to have a faster shutter speed (that’s why most of my photos had a high noise level).

It is a public park so no entrance fees require, there is a place specially design for people to play skateboard. Upon walking on the suspension bridge, a big warning sign saying “Not More Than 10 Persons at Any One Time” this is for safety precaution, so that the bridge will not exceed its weight limits.

Underneath us is a big and beautiful park, it has a children playground and a public swimming pool. Yes, swimming pool, it is rarely a swimming pool in a recreation park. The suspension bridge had many station, and they stop at each station for me to take shoots on the beautiful night view. I had miscount the stations at the bridge, is like a mini size “Great Wall of China”.

When we reach the end of the bridge, I was sweating. The food that I ate was fully digested. =P On the end of the bridge (actually is the starting point as we start from the end), there are Malays and Chinese food stall. Beside the stall there is a water fountain, with four oil well spraying water out. We then walk up the tower beside the water fountain, on top of the tower we can have a bird’s eye view on the entire park.

All I can say is “WOW”…I wish Kuching will build more on this kind of park, so that next time I would have more places to go for dating. This is indeed a very beautiful park, and without a doubt it will become a fantastic tourist destination.

Welcome to Miri Park

The warning sign “Not More Than 10 Persons at Any One Time”

The recreation park under the bridge

There are also small pavilions in the park

That night my friend told me that the lights are not completely switch on, if not it would be a greater view.

During the day time water will flow here, it like a waterfall.

The swimming pool in the middle of the park

The oil well water fountain


Bird’s eye view at Miri Park from the tallest point of the tower

Wilson (Me), and Jersey, my old time buddy


Peace said...

Hi Wilson, thanks for yr precious comment at my blog http://anythingpet.blogspot.com/ on my dog. That's how I ended up knowing about yr blog. This is a great blog!

cooknengr said...

Kid..see life's getting better. BTW, you are on the guest list for House Party/Ring in 2006/ Blogger meet/Cooknengr turn 40.. December 31st. Will send you an evite sometime in Dec.

10 Ang Mos weighing 330lb each on the bridge at one time...can or not ?

Wilson said...

peace - Hi, glad you like my blog. I'll put a link of your in my blog to let my friends know k.

e - Thanks a lot E, waaa....a party at the new year eve cool. But I'm at Kuching bo...cannot go to US so far away ler..
10 angmo...i think the bridge is build for m'sian weigh only kua.

j!nG said...

YoOoo...who is the gal beside u?wasehhh...so pretty?pHewwee~~
can i noe her name?

if i didnt write down my name,i m sure Jersey the stupid will really tot i m the one who admirer her...wuhahahahha...

Jersey,i m ur sista at KCH lahh..
miss ya..MuaK~

Wilson said...

jing - Hehehe, her name is Jersey the not so sexxy.. live at Miri. owns a car, and scare of cat very much.

Chen said...

More appropriate to specify how much weight the suspension bridge can support :P

I've never been to Miri before :(

Wilson said...

chen - Miri now had become a resort city, so it worth going for a visit