Friday, November 18, 2005

Sibu – Day Three (Last Day)

On my last day at Sibu, I went to the night market near my hotel. At Kuching the night market only available on Saturday and Sunday but here the market operates every night. It starts at 5.00pm something, so after my 5.30pm work the time is just right for me.

I’m very hungry that time, as I only had a “kan pua” (noodle) for my lunch. Sibu is very famous for “kan pua” I think Sibu had the best and cheapest “kan pua” noodles. When I reach the night market, I start to buy the thing I like to eat. Beside selling food the night market also sales many others stuff like clothes, watches, daily usage, wallet, bags, umbrella, you name it, I think they have it.

After buying food, there is still enough time for me to rush back hotel to catch my Hong Kong series. I bought so many things with just around RM4.00 something, OMG! Is very cheap, at Kuching I cannot get this price. The food is not just cheap, but very tasty as well (or maybe because I am hungry that time). Anyway I seldom spend money on food without thinking, and this is the first time and it feels good. Actually I had bought a lot more, but if I post it all up you guys surely will think that I’m like a hungry ghost.

After my dinner, and Hong Kong series. I was very full and tired, wanted to sleep but can’t. After bath, my phone rang. It was my cousin brother, so I went out with him again to have my second round dinner. We went to a place where there is a lot of food stall selling western food, Malay food, and Chinese food. My cousin brother had order a lot for me, but I really cannot take it anymore so we waste a lot. Nowadays I had the habit of not wasting food, but that night I really cannot eat anymore, so I feel kinda bad on wasting those foods.

Overall, Sibu is really like a heaven of food. First is Cheap, second is Delicious, third it has so many choices. I’ll be coming back for more food when I have the chance.

Sibu night market

By the time I reach there is was only 6.00pm but it start to get crowded, a very happening place.

My lunch “kan pua” noodles RM1.70, I wanted to eat this since the first day I come to Sibu. A must eat item when come to Sibu.

Hot and delicious meat pao

Five items in one steam basket, I like the sio bi, three sio bi cost RM1.00

small pao, with white color, and purple color.

This is like a fast food stall, you choose which you like to eat and pay.

Don’t know the name, but in the middle is pork meat

Sio bi, my favorite

peanut cake

Abang Balik, another peanut cake

Don’t know the name, but taste nice.

Black soya bean drink RM1.00

Then that night my second round dinner with my cousin brother

This is char kuih

This one is special, is fish tauhu. Two thumbs up

Fried wages, we only eat 10%

My black paper lamb chop

Fried fish



Pink Cotton said...

OH MY GOD!!! i never knwo sibu got so much nice food le...when i go there...i find sibu very boring n sleepy town..hehe...will bear in mind to eat till i drop :))

Wilson said...

pink cotton - When I go i also tough that is very boring, but with all the food...yumm yumm...not bad lor Sibu, can go again.

fish fish said...

Hoho!! For sure I'll go there for food research next time. That'S really a lot of food varieties you took in One day! Gosh!

Wilson said...

fish fish - Ya, is really a suitable place for food doctor like u :)

Chen said...

Hahha.. amazing u eat so much food in one night :)

Cheap and good food ;)

Wilson said...

chen - Yep =P i have a big tummy

Chen said...

or tummy like cow? ~ with 4 different compartments? :P
j/k leh..