Friday, December 23, 2005

Sibu, Sarikei trip - I miss my bed

Just came back from Sibu, and Sarikei. Now there’s only one word to describe “TIRED”. I hate to go to small town, but what to do, I need to eat, I need to pay my bills, I need to pay my loan, and I need money.

Is been raining since morning, and I was worried that my flight will delay on that morning. But luckily everything goes well, after 30 minutes later, I reach Sibu. And straight away follow my co-worker to Sarikei. There is no airport at Sarikei, so we go by land. In the car I had done my planning already, for tonight no choices as I need to had dinner with the management, but tomorrow morning, I can had my own meal. I want to eat the “kan pua” noodles, is too delicious.

Most of the people at Sibu, and Sarikei they speak the “foo chou” dialect, I’m not very good at foo chou, but at lest I can understand what they’re saying. For me I think foo chou is the hardest dialect to learn among all the Chinese dialect.

After a few days at Sarikei, finally my work is done. My company had book the last flight back to Kuching for me, and it was not good at all. The rain pour heavily, I worried that my flight might be cancel. Please let me go back, I miss my bed, and I don’t want to stay here another day. I start praying in the airport, until I hear the friendly announcement, *ding dong* calling for MH2719, from Sibu to Kuching. Please proceed to bla bla bla...*ding dong*. Oh thank god!!! I can go back.

While I was at Sibu airport, there are a lot of Malay people. Then I just remember that Hari Raya Qurban is just next month, and now most of them are going to Mekka for pilgrimage. I chat with the uncle sitting next to me, and he told me that he is a retire government servant. This is the first time he went to Mekka, and it cost him around 20k for the whole trip. The route is about 9 hours from Kuala Lumpur to Mekka. It will be good, cause when Raya Qurban it is a public holiday. Means I can zzzz at home =P

I was ordered to go to Sibu, and Sarikei

Need to board the ferry to cross the river, opposite is Sarikei.

So after the bridge is complete, will be more convenience, as no need to wait for the ferry.

Off duty for Christmas

My lunch, fried mee. The portion of large, but is cost very cheap.

my drink, white maize. My food and drink only cost me RM3.50, very cheap.

Perfect! At the back of the Inn I live, is a grave yard.

The next morning, search for “kan pua” noodle

The boss asked me “xia no miang?”, I reply “nu pung ngui kan pua shok wa.”

Hot Milo

and the boss had cook me a plate of “kan pua” just like what I ordered

The soup is free.

At Sibu airport was crowded with Malay friends.

All with the same destination, Mekka.

Finally I can go home.
Good night guys, I’m very tired now, and I need to get some rest. See you all after Christmas…

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Chen said...

Finally they start construction on the bridge..
After waiting for so longgggggggggg.....
After so many years......