Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Art of Nature

When I was 17, my mom gave me a used public phone card. There is a beautiful picture on the card, it was a lightning photo with the title “The Art of Nature” I like the card very much and I still keep in until today. From that day I make a promise to my self that one day I wish I could take a shoots of the lightning as well.

That night, when I was at Friendship Park. There are lightings strikes flashing on the dark sky, and I know that my wish is answered. Shooting lighting is 10 times harder than shooting firework, cause they are too fast. I only manage to capture a few, but that is more than enough for me.

Enjoy the photo my dear reader :)



I just can’t believe that my little digicam actually capture all of this.


Anonymous said...


Your pictures are great and you are just so wonderful.

You deliver every time.


miracle8 said...

I like the third pic. Very very nice.
"Ma Que Sui Xiao, Wu Zhang Ju Quan"-even though the sparrow is small, it has 5 complete organs, so it doesn't matter how small your digicam is, as long as it has all the functions you need, thats good enough. Agree?

geovanni said...

hey... you really like lightning... :)

Kristopher said...

nice pics..... xpecially the lightning.. :)

13th Panda said...


FH2O said...

Right Place, Right Time, Right Person!

Hopefully the above applies when you meet your dream girl!

Wilson said...

Jungleman -
Thanks, I'm happy that you like my photo :)

miracle8 -
100% Agree, but wait till I have the change, i want to upgrade my camera.

geovanni -
I like photographing :P

kristopher -
That was the best photo that i had ever took

13th panda -
:) thank you

fh2o -
I hope so too :)

fish fish said...

I think I am really falling in love with.....

Eh hem...



Tee hee hee...

Irene said...

Wah.. everytime I want to take pic of lighting all not in time one... by the time on the camera gone liau LOL...

cooknengr said...

Kiddo, #2 is the best from my perspective. The swaying trail of corona created by the ionozed air in the center and the surrounding color contrast is just astonishing. This picture has the right exposure setting and speed is just right, clear and even captured the lightning from afar, like the center bottom section. Excellent.

Wilson said...

fish fish -
hehehe, thanks :P

irene -
That night i was very lucky able to shoot the lighting :)

e -
When heard the lightning strike sound, immediately i press on the shutter button. at first i though i miss it, but when i preview back the image, i can't belive that they are all been capture inside my digicam. hehehe

Chen said...

Nice picture..
it's very difficult to capture lighting picture..
cos everything happened in split of seconds.. :)

Mavis said...

Very nice pic and good photographing skill :)

Will start my photo blog also but later :)
I like photographing too :)