Saturday, April 08, 2006

Kuching International Airport

Zhi Yung my friend, this post is specially for you.

(best view with Microsoft Internet Explorer)

Kuching International Airport is Sarawak's main international airport and is situated in Kuching city.

I had took a lot of photos of the airport, and I had choose some of the photos that I like to post it up. Zhi Yung, then your birthday no need buy present, I already dedicated this post for you (this is a present where money can’t buy buddy). And it also took me a few days to compile this post, hope you will have a clear view on how the airport looks like now.

Panorama view of the parking lot during daytime from the third floor (Departure)

Another view during night time

Side view of KIA

The ground floor, arrivals lounge

View on the outside of arrival lounge

This is at the third floor, the check-in counters, and the x-rax machine

The departure lounge is at the left side (walk until the end) of the building.

A new cafeteria

View from the departure lounge, they are uploading luggage into the Boeing 737


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am only common reader of your website. Your airport review made me getting homesick. I mean I miss Kuching. I am from Kuching. I am now in NSW, Australia due to new job offer from a Kuching company. First time stepping the feet in KIA at the end of Feb'06, as I very seldom fly except long holiday only. Nice outlook and luxurious. Helpless of the life here, dull and quiet. Wishing to go back home sweet home.

Keep your good work up.

miracle8 said...

Going there at least once a week somehow numbed my feelings. Aihh. Lovely photos, really. Makes me appreciate the airport much much more.

Anonymous said...

wow, looks so elegant...a totally new look for the KIA...haha..thanks pal..i think i need to go there one of these days in this year... i miss kuching so much...especially the food...kuching favorite...haha...'BBT'

Frank said...

hey stunning photos, really very beautiful.u are a pro ler..hey how did u take the 737 photo? u go inside lar? maybe u could ask for a pass and go down there and take photo too..hehe jk.

Pink Cotton said...

wahsehh...i haven been to the new KIA :( so sad

getting sua-ku liaooo!!!

Desmond said...

See I told myself that Wilson will always get a better view of Kuching International previous photos are nothing compared to this...aiya I want to hang up my camera days and stop taking photos.... muahaha...

Wilson said...

anonymous -
If have the opportunity, I wish I can go oversea to work as well. Can learn new things, and get expose. Good luck with your work there, and thanks for visiting my blog.

miracle8 -
Thanks BK, glad u like it.

Zhi Yong my friend quick quick come to Kuching liaw, I bring you to eat laksa :P

frank -
thanks man,haha to become a pro I still have a longgggggggg way to go. leaning day by day :)
I shoot the 737 during my flight to Miri that day, I've shoot that on the departure lounge.

pink cotton -
u can ask ur boy boy bring u over, there is a cafe on the ground floor, can have a drink there.

desmond -
No pangyau, yours post is very unique la. I like it very much,it tells a lot of story :) and all of your photos are good n clear.
My post is requested fr my friend who are now at Singapore, he told me he missed Kuching,hehehe.

Chen said...

wow, kuching airport really looks so different compared to few months back :D
Now it really looks like international airport :)

Great shots :)
how u made those panaromic view? Rotating yourself slowly and taking several photos at the same height and combine them together later on?

Wilson said...

chen -
in my camera, there's a build in panorama function. so i can take panorama photos :) then use the olympus camera program to combine them together.

lueng said...

You got the red roof of my house in the daytime panoramic view of the car park!

Wilson said...

lueng -
everyday u get to see n hear airplane, nice :)

Daniel Yiek said...

Chen recommended your blog when my blog asked for comparison between Kuching & JB's new airport!

Wilson said...

daniel yiek -
thanks for the info man :)

JustAnotherTragedy said...

The last pic's nicely taken. It's got this very airportish feel

Well, just thought I'd drop by to say hi.


Anonymous said...

Hello! Ur photoshooting is so cool! Make me feel so proud to be a Kuchingnites! Ya! Kuching is Coll and the BEST!

Anonymous said...

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