Friday, July 21, 2006

Behind Side Mirror

The story behind my car side mirror.

06:00pm. On my way back home, what a beautiful clouds formation.

07:57pm. Traffic jam and I was late for my date.

02:08pm. Lazy Sunday evening, it was a cloudy day.

06:43pm. Finish jogging, the sun is setting.

01:12pm. Pick up my friend at the Kuching International Airport

12:21pm. Saturday, work half day. On my way home…

01.53pm. Wait my friend on the bus stop, rain heavily.

12.55pm. Help my auntie to pick up his son at school. Miss the good old secondary school days.

6.32pm. A police car right on my tail.
Rocky boy is going back to Limbang today, I will miss him, my best buddy.


cooknengr said...

Kid, I think the effect would be better if you tilt the mirror more towards you, so the reflection and the cars ahead of you are in the same 3 dimetional line of projection.

Selba said...

Wow... this is really interesting! taking pictures from the mirror... nice... nice.. nice... I really like it :)

btw, I got in here from 13thpanda :)

kram said...

do you know duchamp? There's something about the reflection of the mirror arguably the real image of things. We need reflections to know what we look like, but do i know how you look like if i look at the mirror reflection of you?

but i thought it was good