Thursday, July 27, 2006

bye bye meow meow town

Will be going to KL for a few days, so I have to close shop for a week. But when I'm back, I will take lots of photos and share with all of you.
Till then see ya :)


cooknengr said...

KId, where's the party ? Are you going to Luna Bar ? Opened by fellow Kuchingite, Hakka ngin too, excellent place to kick back, relaxing and great photo spot for night scene of KL city.

Desmond said...

Wow..i did not that there is a Sarawakian spot in KL...gimme the location next time Wil :)

Kristopher said...

i wan to go also...need a break... :)

Pink Cotton said...


why till now still not yet back meh??? :P

Ang Gu Gu said...

kch lang =) yea yea

Wilson said...

eddie -
Lunar Bar..hmmm nice name. Tai Ko where is the actual location? I would really want to see this friend next time when I go again.

desmond -
Ya, cool right a Sarawak spot at KL.

kristopher -
this year what time will u go with ur wife? now is Mega sales ler, must hurry before the stock habis.

pink cotton -
Hi hi Gab, just reach home yesterday :)

an gu gu -
u kuching lang as well?