Saturday, July 15, 2006

my favorite time of the day

best view with internet explorer

sunset at damai

sunset at Damai beach :)
what do u do when your 25 years old?


Chen said...

nice shots :)

what I do when I was 25 years old?
working like a donkey.. hahha.. doing my housemanship in Sarawak General Hospital..
didn't have the chance to see the sun..
go to work at 6:45 am
come back around 7 pm... :P
working on weekdays and weekends and public holidays all year long.. (7 days a week)
those were the days...
I will always remember those "moments" :)

Anonymous said...

I like both pictures!!

While it’s the same sky, the same cloud and the same glow above Kuching, your take of the sky is certainly unique and is a class of its own, and ahead of everyone else.

Undoubtedly you remain the best photographer in the whole of Kuching, that includes all the rivers, kiri or kanan.


cooknengr said...

Kid, you did it again, excellent pictures taken with a pocket digicam, just imagine what can you do with a DSLR...if I win the California lottery ticket, I'll buy you one.

First picture is almost like a fake, the top blue portion has an oil painting texture and right there when the color turns orange, it becomes a photo. Simply brillient. And the slanting boundary between the two constrast show the depth of th sky in a mysterious way...

second picture, although is the same as the first one, shows you have master the skill of lighting. Every rock in the forground is lit up, this is a very difficult tast, for people with normal photo skill, the rock is going to be dark. Yet yours showing light, not just light, but showing light from the setting sun with an angle of projection. The cloud formation of this picture shows a vortext, the transition of color is amazing. Great job kid, wish me luck in upcoming lottery ticket purchase.

Redsponge said...

Photo #2 is amazing.

Wilson Chin said...

chen -
Doc, wow, ur life at 25 really hard. for me I'm consider bit lucky, as I work for office hours, and after work I can went home on the dot.
thanks for sharing Doc :)

Jungleman and Eddie -
Thank you both for the compliments, it give me more confident and more 'go power' to take better shoot. Each time when there is a scene in front of me, before I press that shutter button I will always asked myself how can I take this shoot to the next level.
Now it give enough confident to participate the next photography competition at the Buddhist photography club. Hope my photo will not let me down.
Eddie, I’m praying now and hope you strike the lottery, hehehehe.

red sponge -
thank you

cooknengr said...

Ai Yah, kid, you ruined the pictures with the frames. The bright frames takes the view's attention away. Try to reverse the frame's shading and see how does the effect look like, rignt now the frame make it looks like looking from a bright room, but you web page is black. If you reverse th frame, brighter in the inner frame, then the bright looks like it's from the setting sun. And change the color of the frame from white to a darker color..brown may be...just my thought. Toy around and find the best fit, good luck with te competition, if you dnopt get it, try again, you have talent.

cooknengr said...

Ah, another thingis the frame is "wrong" the vertical and horizontal should have the same width...go to Carpenter street and measure a photo frame :)

Wilson Chin said...

eddie -
thank you tai ko for the advice, I will do good in my next photo :)

13th Panda said...

WOW...wilson..u should not have studied IT at INTI..u sud take up photography instead!

June said...

Like the way you present =)