Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Panorama @ Genting Highland – The City of Entertainment

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This is some of the photos that I shoot during my stay at Genting Highland.

Photo No.1
dato lim goh tong poster
Without Uncle Lim, there will be no Genting. I took this shoot while I visit the visitors gallery before I go gamble at Genting Casino.

Photo No.2
first world hotel day view
This is the hotel that I’m staying, the First World Hotel. My friend told me that First World Hotel is the biggest hotel at Malaysia.

Photo No.3
genting model scale
Genting scale model, this is the first photo that I took when I reach Genting. So can you see my reflection? Try harder…

Photo No.4
genting view
This is my favorite photo. I took this shoot at Tower 2, bird’s eye view on the outdoor theme park, and Genting Hotel.

Photo No.5
hotel highlands lobby
This is my visit to the Hotel Highland, this is how’s the lobby looks like.

Photo No.6
inside first world
This will be the panoramic view inside the First World Hotel.
So this end up my trip report on Genting Highland. It was a great trip, I enjoy every moment of it. Next year when I go, I will bring along my whole family to go with me.


Red Sponge said...

Yup...first world is the largest hotel..the total number of the rooms is the biggest.

woah..u r good son and bro wo, bringing av1 in ur next trip.

Desmond said...

How much did you win in the casino?

Wilson said...

red sponge -
if not mistaken i think the room is more than 1000 rooms is it?

desmond -
not much only RM10++ :P
i just want to gain some experience first.

Pink Cotton said...

so good ah???

erm erm isit too late to be your sis???HAHAAHAHA

Selba said...


I was stunned... reading through your post of your trips, but then found out later on the real location.

Next time, to visit those places, I just need to book a flight to Malaysia, hehehe

Wilson said...

pink cotton -
oh not too late, but be my sis must give ah Ko a bit angpao first (to go gamble) hehehe.

selba -
haha, just want to make it more interesting. Yep, is a all-in-one package.

jMs said...

Nice panorama picts... u have here...

Keep those picts up... and rollin

dxblogger said...

wowww..really nice pic..!!!