Sunday, March 11, 2007

One day trip @ Miri

Petrosains – Dino Trek comes to Miri, Sarawak
During my stay at Miri, I went to the Miri Petroleum Museum. Just inside the museum, there is an exhibition going on, and is called the DinoTreck. Admission for adults is RM5. Inside the exhibition, I’m a little bit disappointed. My friend told me that there is actually a real dinosaur skull, when I go….there is just Animatronics Dinosaurs left., and a bunch of Dino Game for kids.

For the Petroleum Museum, Miri is a division which rich with petrol. Inside the museum it clearly display and explain how the petrol is drill from the earth, and how to process it, and the type of drill that use to get the petrol.

the main entrance of Miri Petroleum Museum, it was a hot afternoon, I had no where to go, and this is the perfect place for me to enjoy the whole Miri Town view.

This map shows the tectonic selling of The World Giant Oil and Gas fields.

Morse Code, do you know that the Nokia phone default message tone is actually come from morse code.

Playground for kids, lean while playing

I love this model, it looks so real


Animatronics Robot Dinosaurs number 1.

This is a Triceratops, there are many button on the panel that you can puss to control its body movement.

This is the Maiasaura Dinosaurs. This type of dinosaurs, they usually move in herds like cows, easy for them to look after each other. They look after their kids, is a very responsible dinosaurs.

This big guy is called the Tyrannosaurus Rex, or T-Rex. Without any doubt you know they eat meat,

with just few minutes, my friend and I finish seeing all the robotic dinosaurs. I should go to the shopping mall and get a cold drink now.

Miri Fan Garden
I’ve been to Miri for so many time, but this is the first time I’ve step into the Fan Garden. This park is located at the heart of Miri town, and the shape of the park looks just like a fan, so I guess that’s why she earn the name Miri City Fan. What make this garden so unique is it has a combination of several garden together. And below is a series of photos I’ve shoot. My dear readers, enjoy the photos :)

This is the first garden I visit, the Formal Garden

This is the Chinese Garden, it has a man-made lake.

A pagoda in the Chinese Garden.

This is the Garden of Vision, its use for concert, and other public function gathering.

Musical Fountain, I don’t know why they name this Musical.

The building at the very back of the hut is the Miri Public Library.

how they do that? Very creative…

a maze garden, it took me quite some time to find my way out.

This is a big flower vase, if they throw me in there, guaranty I can’t get out.

Miri Public Park – Taman Awam Miri
Not really sure the exact name of this park. Last time I came was at night time, this time I’ve got the change to see the different view on this beautiful park. It has a very long suspension bridge which connects one end of the park to another end.

On the very top of the tower, you can view the entire park. I stand at the edge of the tower to take some shoot, but the swallow which live at the top flew pass me in a very fast speed. It’s look like they want to chase me and the other visitor away from the tower.

here we go…

a mini swimming pool specially for the kids

here’s a close up look at the swimming pool. Nice right!!! Pity is just for kids.

I’m now at the middle of the suspension bridge.

This is the dry playground, most of the kids like to play at the wet playground.

The guard and a German shepherd

Night view at the suspension bridge

This is what I’ve shoot when I’m at the top of the tower. I wanted to shoot more, but the swallow keep on attacking me, I scare and run away.

look at the color tone of the evening sky. Very beautiful, Mother Nature is the best artist.

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