Monday, September 29, 2008

Bunleong Visitation

I follow my friend to Samarahan division, to a small town called Bunleong. Translate to Chinese is call “Wen Long” kiss of dragon :) that’s a nice name. To drive to Bunleong, it took us almost one hour car drive.

Well, we didn’t purposely go there. My friend Chiew (the driver), need to buy yam to bake yam cake. So he knows a Malay friend who plants many yams, and is few times cheaper.

He told me that there’s a newly build Chinese God temple, to get there we need to use boat. Along the way to Bunleong, there is not much to see but only small village houses, pineapple field, paddy field, and trees.

After we reach the jetty, we park our car and board the boat. Is RM0.50 per person to cross the river, what interesting is the boat also carry motorcycle to Bunleong town. And there is no bridge to go to

Bunleong, this boat is the only transportation that connect Samarahan divison, and Bunleong town. It takes about 10 minutes to cross the river.

All the temple building materials are by ship, every tiles, every bricks, every steels, everything! I’m really impressed with the building structure. Is beautiful, and is rich with Chinese architecture culture.

I like the Guan Ying Buddha statue, when bow on the Guan Ying Statue, it will pour the vases water automatically, interesting.

I sat at the back of the van, between two fat guy (+_+)!!! One of them fall asleep.

We’re on our way to cross the river, the charges RM0.50 per person.

This is the first time I went to Bunleong, and this boat also carry motorcycle cross the river.

Motorcycle is the only transportation at Bunleong, they don’t have car in this town as there is no bridge connect Samarahan and Bunleong.

The Chinese Temple is 80% complete, hope that it will complete on my next visit.

Is rich with Chinese architecture culture

On the main entrance, there’s a pond. There are two beautiful water lilies, this is a close up on the flower.

On our way back, we stop by to get sugar cane drink. Is 100% pure sugar cane, RM2 per package.

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