Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How to Insert text into Your Photo by using Picasa?

Few years back, there are not much user friendly programs that allows us to edit our photo. The common one will be Photoshop, CorelDraw, and etc. I’m not good at photoshop or any other software, so is kind of hard for me to edit my image.

And one of the problem that I face last time is to inset some text into my photo.

Previously I had share on how Picasa can help to combine many images into one image, and today I’ll share one of Picasa’s image editing features to insert text into your photo.

Is extremely easy to use, and with just a few mouse clicks….your done. So lets get started…

Download Picasa here


First run your Picasa program.

When you’re at the main screen, click on the folder that contain the image you wanted to edit.

Then, double click on the image you want to edit.


You will be bring to a new windows, and this is the editing window.

As you can see at the left corner there are tabs for Basic Fix, Tuning, and Effects. What we need to use is just the Basic Fix tab.


Then, click on the Text image as shown above


After that, just type in anything you like. For me I visited the First World Hotel, so I will put in the name of the hotel


Opss, the text are too small.

No problem, you can resize the text. Point your mouse at the center of the text editing section, and you will see a brown invincible looking circle.

Click and hold the red-point small circle. Then drag on either left or right to adjust the desire size that you want.

You can also rotate the text, by drag the red-point small circle up or down.


You don’t like white color, no problem. You can also change the text color, by click on the capital T on the left, this will bring out a color palate for you to select your favorite color.


When you satisfy with your masterpiece, click on the Apply button to save this text into this image.


The last steps is to save your work, go to File > Save As..
And save your work into your computer.

first world hotel day view

And you had just successfully inset text into your image baby, congratulation!

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