Monday, August 30, 2010

Fluffy dog outside my house :)

This is the stray dog stay near my neighborhood. She has fluffy fur, a fat body, a cute face, and a tame character.
She has this milky white fur, so I name her "niu nai" in Chinese, and translate to English it means Milk.

Is quite pity sometime see her rounding on the neighborhood. She looks so cute and adorable.

She likes to be pat on the head. Everytime when I'm back from work, she just lye in front of my gate resting.

And when I call her name, she will come and bow down her head to let me pat. Lols what a cute little doggy.

I tried to keep her inside my garage few time, she just keep on barking and wanted to go out. So maybe she's already get use to the freedom, and don't want to have serious commitment. I then just let her go....


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I came across your blog while googling for some info. Why dont you adopt Milk as your pet and let it stay inside your home compound rather than straying outside. Seriously I think Milk love you so much.

Wilson said...

Thanks for the comment, I would like to adopt Milk. But I'm staying alone, and work on shift somemore.
If were to raise a dog, several thing I consider.

1. Responsibility.
2. give him food on time.
3. train him
4. bring him to walk
5. most important give him LOVE

so with my current life style, the dog will suffer if stay with me. Is better to let Milk walk free rather than I keep Milk inside my home compound.

each time when I'm at home, I'll open my gate dog and let Milk stay in, and gave some food for Milk :)
I think maybe that's the reason why she's so happy when saw me.


Anonymous said...

Hi again, I'm the anonymous who advised you to adopt Milk. True enough, to raise a dog is a BIG responsibility. Perhaps you could try to find someone to keep Milk because its quite dangerous for dogs to roam around residential area. It might get run over by reckless driver and risk of getting diseases by eating rubbish on the road side. Just my 2cents. Cheers.

Wilson said...

Hi there,

When I just move in to this resident area, I saw Milk was sleeping at my neighbor house. My neighbor told me that this wasn't their dog.

She's such a beautiful dog, so I did ask around on friends, but unfortunately can't find a good owner for her.

1. She's a grownup dog, difficult to train.
2. most of them is either have dog, don't have time to raise dog, or don't like keeping a pet.

What I can do now is whenever I cook, I'll cook extra one for me, and one portion for Milk. My neighbor will always give food for Milk.

I don't dare to just look him inside my house compound, cause all of this while she has this freedom to go anywhere she likes. I hope that she can still enjoy this kind of life style. In the same time, have enough food to eat, and a nice place to reset while I'm at home. :)

Thanks for the concern my anonymous reader, next time if you plan to come visit her, can bring some salt cookies, she love that one.