Thursday, September 02, 2010

Visitation to Anna Rais Hot Spring


My trip to the Annah Rais hot spring

Before reading, watch this video.

Is pretty amazing to see this phenomena, but Sarawak is truly a hidden treasure. I have heard of the Annah Rais hot spring before, and this is the first time I visit the place. As I know geographically hot spring exist is because of ………and……….so that the water will …………..! ok, I forgot my geography, and I didn’t get good marks in Science . But in a small land like Kuching, Sarawak we have hot spring here.
More info on Hot Spring here


The Annah Rais Longhouse, and hot spring is situated here, near to the Borneo Highland Kuching. And is one of Sarawak tourist destination, they have home stay, local food, jungle tracking.


Is a medium stream, with calm water rapidly flowing downstream. When I just reach there, I began to look for this hot spot. Couldn’t find it, then there is this area with rocks circulating them. This might be it, immediately I jump into the water.

It was very shallow, and cold. I walk towards the rocks, and just when I reach, I saw bubbles coming out from the water! As this is the first time I encounter this, so I was kind of like a fool, shout to my friends to come over and see this.


I was a bit nerves, slowly put my feet into that area. I can felt the warm water, and then I try to step on the ground. The rocks feels warm when first step on it :)

Slowly I put both of my feel in the same spot, after a few second….hm~~ what is that feeling “ouch!!!!” the rocks is HOT. I nearly get my feet burn, Is very fun to soak yourself here, is a different feeling.

My dear reader, you definitely need to come and experience yourself. That excitement when you feel the hot water under your feet. Cause there are some muddy water, so you can’t see clearly where you are stepping. So every step is an unknown step, but that is where the fun is.


Is a very nice place, very shady, constant wind blows. If you want to stay here, they also have a home stay just at the entrance of the hot spring. For this trip, we didn’t stay long, cause we are quite late when we reach the place. So yep, we plan for a 2nd trip back here. Until then, see ya :)

p/s: better don't go to the hotspring on a hot sunny day :)


Anonymous said...

You should bring me to this place before posting this article to avoid flocking of more visitors. I hope that the next time i visit this place, it is not polluted with trashes and the hot spring is not stunk with 'hong kong leg'!!! BBT

Wilson said...

I think I wanna try to apply a post at the Sarawak Tourism Board, to help them promote Sarawak best tourist destination. hu hu~~

Anonymous said...

Sarawak is really poor in promoting their tourist spots...Unlike Sabah, i m always impressed with their information centre and tourism brochures...BBT

Wilson said...

Sarawak is a hidden treasure, if the tourism board promote Sarawak well it will be another income resource for the gov.

Hope that there will be some improvement in the near future.

Walter said...

wah...i wan go too! why didnt tell me one..sigh

Wilson said...

walter, this is really a nice place, i recommend u stay at the annah raise long house next time u come kch.

law fung yee said...

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