Monday, January 17, 2011

The Strawbery Garden and Sabah Tea Garden @ Kota Kinabalu

My next stop is to visit the strawberry garden, and I’m so excited about it. The garden is a private own garden, they have hotel, and the strawberry is like an attraction for the tourists to come and stay at the hotel.


The daughter of the owner told us that actually they have a bigger farm, purely for planting strawberries. This small one is just for visitor, so I asked if I can eat these strawberries. She told me that they just spray the pesticide and is not advisable to eat it :(


I like the flowers, the flowers flourish beautifully. Maybe is due to the cozy weather…I don’t know… but surely I can’t see such beautiful flowers around my neighborhood.

Mum likes the flowers very much, she keep on reminding us to stop by the road side if there is any flowers stall, cause she wants to buy the seeds back to plant it. Tsk tsk…. No way mum, it will never survive in that hot weather.

Sabah tea garden


After that, my next stop is the Sabah Tea Garden. This tea garden is the only organic tea garden in the Borneo, back in Kuching I’ve seen this tea selling in the supermarket before, but never try it.

My family and I had our evening tea break at the restaurant here, we ate tea cake, and some of the special milk tea which can only be found here. And the tea taste very nice :) I like the pandan milk tea, it smell and taste really nice.

The weather here is not cozy anymore, and that time is around noon. So most of the workers went for lunch, I wanted to see how they pick the tea leaf and so on.


The view here are breathtaking, they have a lot of mountain views here. We don’t get a lot of mountains view back in Kuching, just jungles and rivers.

The tea garden don’t have much flowers, from here I am very sure that only on cozy weather the flower can flourish beautifully. Not in the hot weather…so tsk tsk…mum bought a lot of flowers seeds back home, so I wish my mum good luck with the flower…tsk tsk :D

The flowers are beautiful


Coffee Girl said...

ur pictures r sharp! nice... Ok i will make it a point to go there. :-) thanks for the tips! hehe

Wilson said...

CG, thanks ;)
At the garden, they also sell strawberry ice-cream, jam, and drinks.

But that day everything sold out, so don't have the change to taste it.

Next time if you go, remember to tapao the ice cream for me k.

Thank you dulu :)

Nathalia Alexandra said...

I like to read your writings and the way you present your stuffs. Keep up!!!