Sunday, February 27, 2011

My local village trip @ Danu Village (Kampung Danu)

This is one of the local village in Kuching, Sarawak, called the Danu Village. One unique thing about this village is that to enter the village, we have to cross a suspension bridge.

View the location here. <--- Click for Map

The bridge is like a lifeline to the village, if it collapse the whole village people will not be able to either get in or out of the village.

There is a huge river which separate the village and the outside world. When I reach there, saw kids swimming in the river. I step into the river to soak my feet, very cozy. And the stream water flows very quick.

Is not hard to imagine the waterflow here after a big downpour. It will be like a moster...
Upon entering the village, there is a mini flower garden, and they have a bunch of nice flower there.

The village people park their cars outside the entrance, and life here are simple and quiet. Check out the scenery video I've shoot during my visitation.

I like to cross bridges


charles said...

that is my 'kampung' youve been visiting to.

Wilson Chin said...

Charles, that's a nice place to visit :) very beautiful scenery, and lots of fresh air.
I like it there...