Sunday, September 16, 2012

Expedition to Batu Kawa, Singai, and Bau - Borneo, Kuching, Sarawak

In today post, I will bring you together with me to an mini expedition. At Kuching, the Batu Kawa - Bau road is the highway that link Sematan/Lundu to the Kuching. Everyday hundred cars passes by, a lot of restaurant/food court are build along the way, and some of them have good business.

That morning, we first went to a places call the Kampung Senibong (Senibong Village). Then all along the way is just small roads that link to each other, its like blood vessel and they connect to each others. That morning a lot of morning mist, and I remember seeing the Matang Mount was covered by clouds on the summit. Its like the mount is wearing a hat, very beautiful scene.


Then, when we drive pass a lake, we saw the mist is slowly, gently, quietly floating on top of the lake. This is a rare scene, and the first time I've ever encounter such beauty of nature. We stop the car, go down and enjoy this gift from nature. I can hear the birds singing, feel the morning breeze, the warm sun gently sprinkle the light on earth. Is like all the plants, and water are still in their bed, just sleeping quietly...

After that, we continue with our journey again, and along the way, we saw there are river with crystal clear water. The sound of the river is too beautiful, with crispy water sound like " grook grook...." (hope I got it right, but just watch my video to really feel it). And some tinny shrimps, and fishes swimming freely in the river.

Then, we continue on with our jouney hope that along the way, we can also encounter the King of fruit Durian (was craving for durian that time).

At first we planted to went to Mount Singai to go to the Church, but the place was too crowded. Then, my fiend bring us to a place where is the main water supply  source for some of the village nearby. Is a waterfall, where the village people install a few water pipe line to harvest the mountain water back to their home.

I'm lucky I have a friend which is have extremely good sense of direction, and he manage to bring us to the place. The place has a few small waterfall, and the water is crystal clear. But since this place is not own by the forestry department, so I can see a lot of littering along our way. This is the work of the local people there.


I'm happy to receive this gift today, and I will continue to discover the rest of the hidden treasure in Kuching, Sarawak. And I know if nearly impossible for the empower authorities to do the preserve work on the forest, so I really hope that all of us can work together to at least make the place clean. When you see plastic bag, coketin in the woods, please help to take the trash out, and throw it in the rubbish bin.

So now, let's watch the video I made on my mini expedition...


SAMSUNG said...

Wow !! Beautiful !! But I seldom heard that .
And I have a question : What is the name of the mountain near the Bau area ??

Wilson Chin said...

Samsung, there are a lot of mountain near Bau area. Not sure what are all the names, have to go to the kampung there are ask one by one :)