Sunday, July 20, 2014

Durian harvesting at Pasir Pandak, Borneo Sarawak

The durian season starts now in Sarawak! I follow my cousin to the place where they supply the durian called the Pasir Pandak. This is my second visit to this place, the owner have a very big land, and planted a lot of durian trees.

Read my first visit here, and it was 5 years ago (click to read)

We need to use a basket, and carry the basket all the way to the hill top. Cause there are a few types of durian, and the good one are at the top. Along the way up hill, there are durians all over the place. So I just pick it up, and dunk into the basket behind me. Yet to reach to the top, my basket are full of durians already. Its very heavy, as both of my shoulder are painful because of the straps.

We manage to get a few hundred durian back to the hut, and bring is back home. That day I had durian for lunch and dinner O_o"

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