Thursday, September 10, 2015

Kampung Meritam Mud Vocanoes Exploration with Wilson Chin - Limbang Borneo

I wake up early that morning, as I will be going to a place called the Meritam Village (Kampung Meritam), what so special about this place? Where is this place located?

Kampung Meritam is located 35km from the Limbang town (in Sarawak, Borneo). What’s special about this place is a bizarre natural phenomenon that occurs here – volcanic mud pots or “mud volcanoes” (some called it mud spring) covering an area that stretches over 10 acres – some of these pots are as tall as 80cm high.

I roam around the place, and tried applied some mud on my hand. Surprisingly its cold :O cause its volcanic mud, I assume it will be warm just like the hot spring.

A few big mud mounds around the place, and I can see mud and bubbles flowing out from the earth. Simply amazing phenomena :D

My brother send me there with his car, there is a guard house at the entrance, and then follow by wooded pathway which lead us into the mud volcanoes. This place is a bit like a moon landscape with quite a few mud mounds bubbling away around the place.

You can dive in the mud pots, and don't worry about the mud cause you can clean yourself at the guard house, they prepared a few gallons of water for people to cleanup after the mud spa.

The mud are very slippery, my foot are cover with mud, and when I wear my flipflop it just slips off, so I can only wake barefoot back to the guard house to clean myself up. I like this place, and it has a huge potential to become a nice tourist attraction.

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