Saturday, January 09, 2016

Nangga Shanti Trail at Santubong with Wilson Chin

1. How to Go There?

Its a bit tricky to go there, so there is this very strait road just down the foot hill of Santubong, before reaching the Park HQ of Santubong. Refer to the picture above :)

Then, craw over the road  divider, and you will see a river, and you have to cross that river.
The water level is until knee area, so relax and just do it.

2. Do you Need a Guide?

There are no guide to hire there, and they have red paint marking on trees, so you just need to stay sharp, and be aware of the red marking you will be fine.

However, don't encourage you to hike alone. At least bring 1 or 2 friends along. this is for safety purpose.

3. What will You Encounter?
A group of pitcher plants
Tinny pitcher plant, fits in your palm
Some kind of trap system setup by the hunter
Giant vines
Abandon bird nets
Mango looking fruits that we harvest on in the forest, we eat it, and it taste very sour. Has small seeds, none of us have any idea what is the name of this fruits
We stop at this stream here, had our lunch and head back where we came from again. As we are worry that we don't have enough time to explore the whole places. 

4. Total Cost?

The whole journey took us about 1 hour and 15 mins, with a total distance of 2.44km.

We paid zero entrance fees, only paid for the pack lunch for ourselves.

As always, thank you for reading.

Wilson Chin


Nanga Shanti said...

Please note that Nanga Shanti is a private place. As such, we don't welcome day trippers without advance notice.

We had undelicate visitors last rainy season, with people opening doors, using facilities and littering before being noticed, and we don't want it to happen again.

Thanks for your understanding.

So if anybobody wants to visit, be kind to contact us before, or it will be considered as trespassing.

Wilson Chin said...

We don't like to visit private place, the places we prefer is the open jungle.
Sorry for the undelicate visitors that ruin your place, as for us we are not even close to Nanga Shanti, and we are nature lover, we respect and love the jungle.

I don't mind people to advertise their place on my site, but I will be grateful if they ask for permission first ;)