Monday, January 02, 2017

Kampung Sting and Bung Jogong Mount Exploration Trip 婆罗洲探险者的“史汀”村攻顶探险

The Bengoh Dam serve as a water reservoir dam for storage of raw water supply, raw water will be release for the Batu Kitang Water Treament Plant, and prevention of back flow of the saline water from reaching the Batu Kitang intake point, lastly is for flood mitigation during wet seasons.

However, the drawback of building the damn…for the Bidayuh people, one of the ethnic groups in Sarawak, face a threat to their livelihood, traditional lands and culture with the development of the controversial Bengoh Dam. 

Not to forget deforestation or logging for construction of the dam reservoir will eventually reduce the vegetation and the forest’s absorption capacity. When this happens, I know a group of Chinese environment care NGO which has this objective of care for the environment, yet all they do is just talk but no action. 

Staying in their comfort zone, updating their facebook group page with insect and plants picture that they shoot at their backyard. The real problem lies here, where they need to stand up and voice their oppinion when there are deforestation, where they are illegal logging.

Sigh...well enough said, let’s go for adventure…




~不说了,跟我一起开始探险吧 J
I visit the Kampung Sting with a boat, this is after the Bengoh dam impoundment at March 2015. Instead of hiking to the village, now we are using boat. 

Which took us about 15 mins to reach from the dam to the village. Then another 15-20 mins hike up to a steep slope, I enjoy every minute of the hike.

Here they have 2 – 3 homestays, visitor just paid an amount of money and the owner will take care of the boat ride, accommodation, and food. There are waterfalls nearby, but the committee here had some argument on the entrance fees, so not sure how much they charge for the entrance to the waterfall.

Next morning, my team and I woke up at about 4.30am. And we follow a friend to hike to the summit to see sunrise. Trail to the summit its about 1.90 km, 1h30m. The name of the mount is called Bung Jogong. We must go through the paddy field, and the special about this field is all the paddy are planted on the 75-degree steep slope.

By the time we reach the summit, it was almost 8am. We had a wonderful time on the summit, and I get to witness the sea clouds covering the land bellow. More mountain ranges can be seen from far away.  

This is a beautiful place, and I hope that you who are now reading this, lets protect our beloved nature. Do not litter, and help to educate your friends and family also, only monkey litter. When we see rubbish in the jungle, we help to collect it.


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