Friday, May 26, 2017

Borneo Explorer to Spak Clearwater River Adventure 市杷河游泳记

I visited the Spak River, which is situated at about 15km away from the Betong Petronas Gas Station. Its has a road sign "Spak Clearwater River Adventure". I came here after finished hike the Bukit Sadok

木中休息油站那里还有个地方叫市杷河,离木中休息站往内陆大概十五公里。我和队友们刚登完萨多山,路此地,就进去拜访。果然是个个不错的地方, 溪水很清晰, 水也是很凉。
This is the road which lead to the river bank of the Spak river
The formation of this river is water flow from Layar river (Batang Layar), and the Spak river (Sugain Sepak)
这地方有两条溪流形成,既 拉亚河及市杷河。
 This is a good place for camping, or bring your family here over the weekend for picnic. And swim in this crystal clear water.
The water is very clear, my friends and I cook instant noodles to eat, and then we also swim here. 

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