Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Long Selaan River Trekking | Ulu Baram Exploration | Post 4 of 5

Trail Details:
Distance: 3.1km
Moving Time: 4 hours

On day 4 of my Ulu Baram exploration trip, that morning we trek along the Selaan river, one big loop. It consist of my, Ian, and Wee Ming, the 3 of us.
Not sure what will we encounter, on the river bank, I hope we can find a suitable place for picnic and a swim.

Nah.... I'm just kidding. As the water on the Selaan river are yellowish, so I think maybe its not a good idea to swim inside.
The vegetation consist of mixed dipterocarp forest, there are spike plant here and there, which I hate the most.
The elevation its around 300 above sea level, but the elevation we gain maximum its only 64 meter. The ridge along the river bank are mostly steep edge all the way down the river.

I saw rotten durian, how good it will be if now its the durian season, then we can have free durian while trekking.
Very peaceful along the river bank, every now and then I can listen/see small motor boat cursing by. Therefore this river must have a certain depth in order for the boat to pass. 

Some part of the trail, well there is no actual trail, just some part there will be a big drop, so we will need to either ascending or descending to move forward.

There is also a part where there are just rocks at the bank. Need to move forward by going on the slope of the rock. This makes me think back of my adventure while climbing the highest mount at Batang Ai, after we descent, we also need to walk on rocks at the river bank.

We encounter some rapids here, this also means that the water might be shallow here, so it will be a good spot for us to cross the river

The water lever its at knee level, we cross the river carefully, the current are strong enough to swipe us down if we are not careful enough.
After crossing the river, we reach a farm, which has some plantation like chill, yam, and bananas.
We decided to hike to a higher area, in hope that we can have a clearer view on the whole area.
But no avail, as there are just too many vegetation, and we don't have knife to clear our way up. I remember around this area, we pass by a bee hive, and I got stung on my chin, Ian was in front of me, I quickly call out "BEE!!! RUN" so the two of us move very quickly, while Wee Ming move further up. Now thinking back, its was kinda hilarious.
So going up its not an option, then we head further down, hope it will be easier to get back to the trail head.

Oh my godness, the bridge where we start this trek its just a few meter away from us, but we are being block by this endless vegetation.
After much struggle, we finally reach the trail head, so now its time to go back and clean ourselves.
What an adventure ✌😀

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