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The Keluan Waterfall a Triple Mega Direct Drop Waterfalls | Ulu Baram Exploration | Post 3 of 5

Today I'm going to explore the Long Keluan area, its basically had a few big basin, and one of the basin has this triple mega direct drop waterfall. I'm very eager to go and see it with my own eyes.
 We start our journey at about 7.15am, from the Segah Selaan Homestay to Long Selaan its around 50km, will take us about 2 hours of 4WD ride.

The Long San bridge, and Baram river
 Reach the junction of Long Keluan
 Some part of the road is extremely bad, we are very fortunate to have a skillful 4WD driver to drive us to our destination safe. 
The very peaceful village of Long Keluan, this place its fortunate to have electric supply
Its a rural electric supply project run by the Kementerian Pembangunan Luar Bandar (Ministry of Rural Development) and colaborate with Sarawak Energy.
Another interesting thing its this place, its a place where the village people use to forge parang (knife).

To respect the local community, we hired a local guide from the village here to hike together with us, so that he knows where are we going, and will act accordingly in case something bad happen.
 09:25am, we had reach the trail head, and are looking for the correct entrance to the waterfall
Because very few people visited this place, so it took sometime for our guide to look for the correct starting point

09:40am, we start our trekking by descending down to a valley

There are many loose rocks, and fallen trees trunk. Carrying a heavy backpack makes our hike harder. To hike slowly to avoid any injury.

 10:10am, our first glimpse on the Keluan waterfall 
Our plan was to camp on the upper part of the Keluan waterfall, so we left our heavy pack on the junction, and hike to the base of the waterfall to explore first, after that we will come back again, get our backpack, hike to the upper fall, and camp there for a night.

10:20am not long after our descent, we had reach a stream, and the water are from the Keluan waterfall. Pity that the water turns our to be yellowish color, this is due to the fact that the yellow soil around the whole basin area.

Here I am, the first ever triple mega direct drop waterfall that I've ever witness in Sarawak.

The waterfall wall are surround by multiple layers of earth crust, and the surface are being wash away by the water for a very long period of time which eventually form this big basin.

If the water are clear it will be a perfect scenery, but pity some part of the water are yellowish. Almost flawless.....

I'm very curious on how deep its that hole there?

Our exploration did not just stop at the triple mega fall, we continue to venture to other part of the area, to explore more basin.

Another big basin are just few mins hike away from Keluan waterfall, again the water is yellowish. If its clear, I would have jump into the water and swim.

Just look at the size of that basin

After that we continue to ascend, this time its to our purpose camp site for that night. 

12noon, We finally made it, this is the upper part of the Keluan waterfall. After we reach, we plan to camp here, but our guide told us that its not a good place to camp, because he is worry about falling tree branch, and flash floods.
A bit disappointed as after we found out we can't camp here, for us this will be the perfect place to set up our base camp, and go and explore.
We trek further up, and found another big basin

If you look carefully, you will notice my friend Ian it's at the middle right, from that you can roughly scale the size of this place.

We hike to the place where the water drop, and plan to go further up, but the entrance is so small, and strong current are flowing on us, so its barely impossible to go further up, I manage to look what's up there, and to my surprise its another big basin like this one here.

The guide had recommend us to camp where the 4WD is parked, since that we can't camp here, so after discussion, we had decided to went back to the homestay, instead of camping on a place that we don't like.
So that conclude my Keluan waterfall exploration, one thing I notice very interesting was one of my guide are using this ordinary flip flop to hike with us throughout this whole day 😅 now that's some very impressive skill there. 

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Taco Bell said...

It is so beautiful ! Thank you for sharing. I hope Sarawak people and government can take good care of all these nature beauties.

Wilson Chin said...

Your welcome taco Bell, yes I do hope so too, in Sarawak we have many hidden gem, and I hope all of us can love our nature like how we love our family.