Sunday, August 04, 2019

Bung Bratak Heritage Centre and Waterfall Hike

Bung Bratak is located at Kampung Tembawang in Bau, a hill that's takes about 30 minutes to reach to the heritage center on the top of the ridge. Previously it was once the Bidayuh hill settlement of seven longhouses.

 The trail are covered by fallen leaves, and quite a lot of mosquito along the trail.

 Oh yes, durian season soon

Entrance fees its RM10 per entry, I told the reception that I dont intent to visit the heritage center, as I'm planning to just hike and then descent. However, the reception is kind enough by just allow me to go in and visit the place.
 Mount Singai can be seen from the entrance of the heritage center

At the heritage center, they have a Bidayuh traditional round house known as the ‘baruk’, a dining hall with kitchen and a reception hall

Another way up to the heritage center, a cement road. But they only allow 4WD car to drive up, because some section are steep. Safety concern normal car might not be able to make it.

 On my way down, I saw a signboard WATERFALL, so I went for a visit.

 A very well build bamboo bridge structure, which link all the way to the base of the waterfall

 The bamboo bridge that I crossed to reach to the waterfall

 Village people harvest the fresh water, by building a bamboo piping system to lead the water to the direction they want.

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