Sunday, November 09, 2008

Back to Kuching at the Same Day

At the same day, that night my brother drove me to the Miri bus terminal again. And I bought a ticket back to Kuching which cost of RM80, I’m using Biaramas Transport Company, and the last bus to depart Miri to Kuching is 10pm. Estimate it would take around 13 to 14 hours for me to reach Kuching.

Bought a ticket to Kuching, RM80. I need to get to Sabah on the 31st, if not I will stay at Miri longer for holiday.

The last bus from Biaramas Transport Company is 10.00pm, I board the bus 15 minutes earlier.

The bus has very comfortable seats, which can let me have a good night sleep. To get to Kuching, it would need around 13 hours. There are two bus drivers, so they can each take turns to drive along the long journey.

Advertisement banner, 128Hotel which cost RM12.80 per night.

The bus will stop on each station, for us to rest, pay water bill, eat and drink. I’m now at Batu Niah, just 2 hours away from Miri. Here is very hear to the famous Batu Niah cave, I planned to visit this cave for a long time :(

I didn’t came to Batu Niah for 6 years, it had change a lot. Now the food court is clean, and there’s a new one just opposite the old one. Batu Niah, Miri is a very famous national park, is famous for its caves, and birds nest

12.10am, I try to force myself to sleep. I don’t want to stay awake in this long journey. But I fail, so I on my laptop, and watch National Geography. The more I watch the dizzier I get, cause the bus keep on shaking. I hate the Sarawak Highway, er…should I called this bumpy road a highway, or just normal kampong path.

1.15am, this is the Bintulu Bus Terminal. As usual the bus stop again, I went down and pay my water bill. I’m hungry, as I just remember that I had a very early dinner today…er yesterday. But there’s no shop open at this early morning.

3.06am, what the…where am I? I’m half sleep, half awake. And I glad that the bus stop, I went to this coffee shop and had my breakfast, this is an early breakfast.

5.00am, I reach Sibu. But this time the bus drive just had a quick stop, each time when I’m at Sibu I’ll always remember the delicious Sibu Kampua noodles.

6.15am. Now I’m at Sarikei bus terminal, the sun is rising. Beautiful rays shin on the glass and into my camera shutter; I press on the shutter twice, and store this beautiful scene into my camera digital memory. I like photography ;)

I’m now somewhere between Sarikei and Sri Aman, is 8.16am. Though the seats is comfortable, but still miss my bed.

I felt hungry again, I had some buns RM2.20, it doesn’t taste good, but is better than nogthing.

9.55am, is Durian session at Sarawak. The bus driver stop by a bus stop on passenger request, and they went down to asked for the durian price.

There is no toilet around, so this uncle just pay his water bill beside the durian stall, yep… you hear me right, just few steps beside the bus stop where all this ladies aunties sell durians, hehe ~_~”

10.53am, I’m entering the Sri Aman district. This means that I’m almost reach Kuching, I called my friend to tell him my location, so that he knows when to pick me later.

Here this is my last stop at Serian, the Biramas bus ticket station. Still remember the guy with the green shirt, look up two photos.

12.03pm, finally I’ve reach Kuching. My friend is still not here, I have to wait him for a while. My camera’s bat is low, my back hurt, tonight I need a full body massage.
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13th Panda said...

Once, years ago, I took a bus frm Kuching to Bintulu, it took almost 12 hours! IT was a night bus.@@ I didn't get any good sleep. There's some people getting off frm station to station, and if the bus driver missed their stop, they will start yelling..I told myself, never again shall I take such long haul bus rides.AHHAHA

Wilson Chin said...

During my college time, I don't like to take bus to go back hometown. But now I think taking bus is very exciting, and fun. I will consider take bus to explore the whole Sarawak next time.