Saturday, January 26, 2013

Get my Malaysia Passport, and I'm ready to go Home

I'll be on travel next month back to visit my parents. Haven't been home for 3 years, and I miss them so much. I'll be going to Brunei as well, so I need to renew my passport.
For a Malaysian passport the stuff that I need are:

1. Two Passport size portrait pictures
2. One photocopy of my Malaysia Identification Card.
3. RM100 bucks for a 48 pages two year passport.
4. Waiting time is 2 hours for me to get my passport once I made the payment.

With a Malaysia passport I can travel to almost any country expect Israel.

I went to the Malaysia Immigration department, Sarawak Branch office. Morning around 8am. They build a new parking space for public.... this place exist before, just now they have enhance it with tarmac.

I didn't know I need a photocopy of my Identification Card (should do my research before this), so I went to the photocopy shop down the office and paid a bloody expensive 20cents for just one copy of my IC. Come back to the office again to submit my application form.

Then, I need to pay RM100 for my passport before they send my application for process.

Then I went back again in the afternoon, get my number and collected my passport!! yeah, I'm ready to go home :)) xoxo

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