Saturday, June 06, 2015

Tanjung Datu Borneo, Sarawak. Post 1 of 2

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Day One, Boat Trip to Tanjung Datu, Borneo Sarawak

I organised a trip to the Tanjung Datu National Park over the weekend, located at the south-western tip of Sarawak on the Datu Peninsula, Tanjung Datu is one of Sarawak’s less accessible natural parks, but its relative remoteness is one of its main attractions.

This is the fishing boat that we use to go to Tanjung Datu, the captain is a Malay fisherman staying at Telok Melano.

Reached the national park after 2 hours, I ate medicine before boarding the boat to prevent from getting seasick. The national park does not have wharf, so they use the small boat to send us to shore.

Welcome to Tanjung Datu Park HQ, I register my team information here. the fees have to pay are:
Entrance fees: RM10 per person
Camping fees: RM5 per person
to rent chalet: RM24.40 per night
cooking utensils: RM11 per day
Gas & stove: RM3 per day
Very clean public toilet, and shower place. If you don't have a camping set, you can also rent it here.
Before that you will need to call to the National Park to make your booking via phone at +6082-248 088

Belian Trail

The Belian trail is the highest trails among the reset, it require to hike up steep hill. I barely catch my breath, I would say its the hardest to hike among the reset.

On the very top of the trail, its not the Gunung Melano, but its just a rest stop, after that is descent to the foot hill again. Not much view to see up there as all being covered by thick trees.

Visit the viewing poing on our way back to the park HQ, and the viewing area also does not have a clear view of the beach, cause the trees are blocking most of the view. It will be great if the park authorities can do something about this, maybe clear a few trees in front to make the view better.

The water at the beach Crystal Clear!!! this is the first time in I saw such clear water in Sarawak. Very nice to swim :) along the sea shore, we saw a lot of sea turtle trail, they craw to the shore, dig holes and lay their eggs. All the eggs are being collected by the national park to help them breed, after the eggs hatch, they will release the baby turtle back to the sea.

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Hi! How did u get the baot thr?

Wilson Chin said...

+Aron, leave me a private message at and I will PM you the contact.

Unknown said...

Hi Wilson, like Aaron, I also would like the contact information for a boat from Sematan to Tanjung Batu.
Thank you for the information on your website. I have read many of your interesting articles.

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Hi Rod, thank you for visiting our site. Please leave us a private message at and I will PM you the contact.