Thursday, October 04, 2007

Fish Pond and Santubong Mountain

I went to a fish pond near the Santubong Mountain. Is a 45 minutes drive from Kuching town. When there on an official business, the driver and me got a little lost when we reach the entrance. We’ve asked almost everyone we meat along the way for the direction. Very fortunately, we manage to find the actual location. Our destination is a fish pond; we need to send a generator to the pond. When we reach the pond, I step down the lorry and yell loudly for the worker name “Muhammad, Muhammad !!!”, he give respond by asking us to “Tungu, saya turun sekarang.” Yep, he’s coming out from his house. The worker came out and greed us politely, is a guy in his mid 50’s.

He told us that he is just having lunch with his wife, and the menu is a fresh fish that he just caught from the pond. And the fish weight about 3KG. OMG!!! Is a big fish, I can see that behind his house there is plant vegetable. So he eat vegetable which is free from pesticide, and eat fresh, juicy and free fish which can easily get at the pond. And can enjoy a beautiful scene with Mount Santubong and forest surrounding him. This is the life I told him. He told me that his job is to look after the fish, feed them on time, and make sure that no one come and steal the fish. And when the harvest season come, the owner will came and catch all the fish, and send it to other place. They need the generator for paddling the water, so that the fish will have enough oxygen, and they can also have electricity during the night time.

We help him lower down the generator to the small room that he had prepare. It took us quite a while to lower down the big generator, is heavy, and bulky. After everything is done, I went to the pond side sit under the tree shade to take a rest. Is very windy here, and I can see Mount Santubong clearly. Here’s some photos I took, enjoy.

on my way to the fish pond situated near Mount Santubong.

along the way the driver had told me a lot of his story, how he court his wife, and what must men do. He share a lot of his life time experience with me, is funny, and very entertaining.

After a lot of turning left and right, we finally manage to get on the correct path.

here they don’t have any sign board, any lamp pole. We look for the direction by guessing.

After several guesses, we had reach the fish pond. Is a very windy place, beautiful scene.

the guard need to walk down this wooden path when is time to feed the fish.

Mount Santubong
I'm having flu, sore throat, cough, and fever :S
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