Saturday, September 19, 2009

Night View at Kuching Waterfront

Yesterday night went to have a test drive on my D90, this is the first attempt to shoot night shoot with my D90. Not very familiar with what should I set on night photo, so not very satisfy with the shoot I made.

The new Sarawak State Assembly Building.

The Astana palace


Post on Kuching Waterfront:
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Kuching Waterfront to KTS village


ColinJong said...

Did you take the photo of water fountain in front of the square tower? They have just repaired it after broken down for years. Better than nothing, but still no music. :p

Wilson said...

Where is that place? hm~~ I will go and have a look later this weekend :D

ColinJong said...

Right in front of the square tower, (your 3rd picture). ;)

montreal florist said...

It's really beautiful photos. Gorgeous building.