Thursday, August 19, 2010

Free HDR Seaside Photos - Rambungan Village (Kampung Rambungan)

After failing to go to the Pulau Sampadi, we have try our luck to look for boat at another village nearby. And we reach the Rambungan Village, as this is another village with lesser house than the Sampadi village.

But there is a very long jetty, and there is a group of people fishing there. We went ask for direction, but they have no clue at all, as they are from Kuching (just like us). They are here for the sake of fishing only.

Check out the view at the jetty, breathtaking right. Mangrove tress can be seen just right next to the jetty.

Just look at that blue sky... and the island nearby. It would be super good that able to go visit the island. I'm imagining jumping into the sea for a swim, drinking coconut drinks, taking a nap under the tree shade.

well, look for another boat - FAIL
But we didn't give up that easily, so we proceed to the Telega Air, this is another small village, where I went to the Talang Satang Island last time.

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