Monday, January 10, 2011

Dinner @ Gaya Seafood Restaurant

First Day at Kota Kinabalu was fantastic, and we went for a place called Gaya Seafood restaurant for dinner. When at Sabah, my brother keep on reminding us that we the seafood is a must have in our menu.


It was a huge restaurant, and just beside the restaurant is a building specially for gambling slot machines.


L-R: Jason, Ah Hee, Kerry, Mum and Dad.


I don’t like seafood, only ate a little bit. So I ate almost 80% of the bean curd.


And ate most of the vegetable as well, and I’m slowly learning to become a vegetarian now.


We had this delicious fried rice instead of normal white rice. I didn’t eat the shell food, it looks discussing.


My brother keep on asking me to try the lobster, so I had one.
Overall our total bill came out not more than RM150, and this is not what we expected. It should be more than that, but hey, Sabah is loaded with seafood.

My brother was happy about that, but next time I would prefer we all go for vegetarian.

Don’t like seafood…

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