Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Trishaw Ride and Dim Sum

On the first day I came Penang, I saw this trishaw, so I always wanted to try ride on a trishaw. And today is the third day I’m on Penang, my friend and I were going some place where we’re not familiar with, and very fortunate a trishaw riding on our direction. I stop the rider, and told him where we want to go. He charges us RM15 for the ride, and off we go.

I’ve asked him how the trishaw business, he told me sometime good, sometime bad. When there is good business, he can ride up to 15 people perday, while for bad business day, he can ride ZERO people. Is very competitive, because I can see there are trishaw everywhere at George Town. When we start our journey, the trishaw rider needs to use his full energy to step on the bicycle paddle to make it go. This is not an easy job.

We’ve reach our destination after 15 minutes. We thank the trishaw rider, and I’ve took a photo with him as memory. He is a nice guy, when I pad on his back; he is sweating, poor guy. Some need to work very hard for a living, and this is one of the examples, I respect him and wish him all the best.

Then we went to one of the famous shop, my friend want to buy Buddha statue. After shopping, we went to the nearby coffee shop to have “dim sum” I love the “dim sum” here. I’m too greedy order too much and barely finish it.

My friend and I need to go Mei Chen Xiang, a place to buy Buddha Statue. Is a long way to walk, and there come a trishaw. I wave at the trishaw rider, and tell him our destination. He charge us RM15, beside that he also offer us a package, he will ride us roam George Town with RM50.

He had decorated his trishaw, to beautify it. Make it more attractive, some of the trishaw even come with police sirens and music!!!

Along the way, the trishaw rider told me that sometime if the business is good, he can ride 50 people in one day, but when the business is bad, ZERO people.

This is a friendly guy, I forgot to ask him name. He has a ear piercing which is very cool.

A photo with the friendly rider, when I pad on his back he was sweating.

I was hungry, after my friend bough his statue. We went to a nearby restaurant to have breakfast, I order some dim sum.

This is the meat bum~~yum~~crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. I love it :)

My dim sum

My friend are vegetarian, so I have to finish all of this.

It looks like they’re closing, after we finish our breakfast, continue to explore around George Town.

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