Monday, May 03, 2010

How to Combine Many Pictures into One Picture?

I had post a lot of combine picture before in my blog, I’ll show you my work.


I had build a collage photo for a local NGO’s society, and I’m one of the photographer there.


Food that I eat.


Too many photos to show on at Mount Matang

If you have too many photos, and want to show all in one single image, this is how you can do.

Wait! why do people want such picture?
  • When you have too many photos to post in your site.
  • When you want the website to load faster, avoid post the photos individually.
  • When you are too lazy to write the description for each photos.
  • When you want something special for your reader.
  • When you want to view all the good stuff in one go.

Ok, so in today’s tutorial, I will teach you on how to make a collage photo. And the good thing is you can learn to make creative photo collage, instead of the boring clockwise photo stacking. I will show you how to make photo collage like this…


You can make the photos pile on each other.

So here is what you will need:
  • A free software called Picasa, a product from Google (download the software here). Picasa can be use to organize, edit, and upload our photo to the web. I like this software, cause when you view your photo with it, it will have a very cool transparent background like this…

  • A bunch of photos to be collage.
Double click on the Picasa Icon to launch the program, there are some configure settings need to be made, just keep on pressing next, then finish.


For this tutorial, I will use my favorite Japanese AV dream girl Saki Seto as an example to show you how to make collage photos. Leah Dizon should not be in there, I had misplaced those 4 photos, so just ignore it.

When you’re at this screen, make sure you click on the highlighted icon above, to have a Flat Folder View.


Then, click on the image that you like, you have to select more than 2 image to collage it. And as usual you can do so by holding the “ctrl” key on your keyboard, and use your mouse pointer to click on the image you like. Here I have selected 4 pretty image of Saki.


After that, click on the “Create Photo Collage” button as shown above.


Here is the Collage Edit mode window, and when you click on the dropdown, you will have a total of 6 options to collage your photo, we want to be different from that old boring standard photo combine technique.

So for this example we will use the first option the “Picture Pile”, click on it.

After that is up test how creative are you, you can resize, rearrange on where you want to put the photos.
  • Click on an image, and a circle will display at the center of the image.
  • By using your mouse pointer, click and hole the adjust bar (highlight in red icon), and start to move left/right/up/down. And the image size will decrease, increase, or rotate.
  • Continue to the next image, and place them on the place you like.

Now look at the photo above, there are no border apply on it. What you can do is click on the photo above, and on the left panel Picture Borders window…


This is how the photo looks like when you apply border on it, try it.
p/s: I’ll do anything to become that guitar that she’s holding XD~


Now here you also can move the photo to top, bottom, set as background, or remove it. Just click on the desire photo, and right click to get the menu out.


Ok, we are almost finish. So after you are satisfy with the image arrangement. Click on the Create Collage button.


Then wait…


And your done….but wait, if you want to make your photo look even better, make sure to click on the Tuning and Effect Tab on the left panel.


In the Tuning Tab, you can adjust the light, shadows, color temp, and highlight your photo. And in the Effect Tab (my favorite) you can have various kind of adjustment. Try it one by one.


To Save it, go to File > Save As… and save to a location on your computer.

So there you have it, you have now successfully created your very own combine picture (a creative combine picture).

Go and update to your facebook or blog to show this to your friend.

If you have any question, I can be reach at, enjoy. I need to get more photos of Saki Seto now, bye.


Anonymous said...

thank you so much!!! it was very helpful to find a program (free too!) other than photoshop to do this :D you're awesome!

Unknown said...

thanks for the info!! really useful!
although i had been picasa user for few years but i dont even know this function...shame...haha... thanks…………

Anonymous said...

ty u so much!!! was tryin to find a program to combine pics.ty u again.

Sheng said...

agree with the rest of the comments! a very helpful post.. i have tried it and indeed very satisfied. thanks again

wenpei said...

thanks for sharing this nice function =)

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Thanks :)

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Big Thanks it worked