Friday, July 05, 2013

How I manage to take the picture of the Moon

2013-06-23 23.01.22
Look at the moon picture that I took by using my Samsung Galaxy S4.

20130623_215827_Jalan Burung Lilin
of course with a little help from this baby ; )
I place my photo camera lens on the viewfinder of the telescope, and walah!!! a nice picture of the moon, with clear moon surface.

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Anonymous said...

What an incredible photo! So, all I need is one of those telescopic thingees and I, too, can capture a decent lunar likeness with my S4? Well, now, if that thing can do it, surely I could make do with an empty paper towel tube or the like, no?

Can you suggest any more affordable (translation: dirt cheap) alternatives for a poverty-stricken mobile photographing enthusiast with absolutely no experience or training in photography nor even owns a camera? It seems as though there's some untapped potential to the S4 camera that I've not yet found as I expected better performance than I'm getting with mine.

So, ANY tips, tricks, or advice would be sui helpful to me.
Got any?

At least, I can now see that a good photo IS possible. Awesome photo!