Saturday, January 03, 2015

Mount Kanyi 3 days 2 night Exploration with Wilson Chin 刊亦山三天两夜登山冒险记

The guide (middle) who lead our team up, his name is Nelson.

Wilson Chin (me) and the Sarawak/Indonesia border stone

Borneo Hunter!!!

Our base camp, stayed here for 2 night. Heavy downpour cause the water to flow forwards my tent, and wet. Can't really sleep at night, one my tent is wet, second very cold. The temp is around 20 degree, and we can see vapor sometime when we talk.

Day 1, hike from village to basecamp, 4 hour. We build camp there, and start to cook for dinner.
Day 2, hike from base camp to Kanyi summit, 2 hours 45mins to reach the summit, temp around 19 degree.1574 m above sea level. Stayed there for 1/2 hour and decent again.
Day 3, Pack our stuff, and hike about 3hours 30mins to reach the village, and go back Kuching.

Mount Kanyi is the tallest peak in western Sarawak, above 1500m elevation. And the mount I climed is called the Berumput Mount range.

During my decent, I'm carrying the same amount of stuff, my clothes, and tent. But it add in more weight because all the stuff are wet. So due to the heavy backpack, my left knee are extremely painful, and I hope its not a permanent injury, cause still a lot of mount waiting for me to concur. 

Over I had fun in this trip, a lot of leach bites, nearly bitten by poison snake, wet and chilling weather, vapor from pee and breath, what a jorney. My dear reader, please stay tune for my next adventure, until then see you in my next post. 

Cheers :)




这里也是被很多的山蛭咬,伤口到处都是。也差点被毒蛇咬 😦


Unknown said...

What's up Wilson! Love your stories and it feels good to find someone who is hungry to explore our backyard. I'm doing the same initiative to document the less visited hidden gems of Sarawak and I'm starting around Kch - Bau area.

I would really love to join your Gunung Rumput Expedition. I've been on an expedition to Mt Kanyi on October 2016 but it was unintentional since the original plan was to go for Mt Rumput but somehow the guide tricked us saying that Mt Kanyi is actually Mt Rumput (We found out later when the ranger at Forestry camp explained to us the real location)

Let me know if there's an extra slot for a hungry adventurer like me. Thanks!

Wilson Chin said...

Hello Abbie, ok sure will do.
I hope to visit mount Berumput this year 2017. Will update you soon...

SAMSUNG said...

Wilson Chin , I seldom heard the Mount Kanyi. Could you tell me the location ?

Wilson Chin said...

Hi Samsung, the location is in this blog post, at my GPS record. Please have a look there.

SAMSUNG said...
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SrB said...

Do you have any plan for this saturday 19th May'18? I would love to join you..