Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ngiraja Cave and Mountain Exploration

 We are going to a cave which is hidden from public
 Tree vines are all over the place. Water driping from the soil to the ground.
 The entrance are a man made staircase which made from old wood, and nature slowly cover the path back with green
 The handrail are well maintain, as I can see someone just change the rope that tie on the handrail
 Its a steep climb, as I am staring to feel exhausted with all the climbing
 But the view is worth the climb
 As far as we know, there are two caves which are prohibited  due to its a private place
 So due to respect, we did not explore deep into the cave as we just took some pictures outside.
 The owner of this land also employed a few person to look after this place, which stops us from go any futther. However they are friendly people. 
 #KuchingAdventureTeam caving exploration
 Continue our journey again to the top of the ridge
Its another steep climb, and along the way there are lot of exotic orchid which can be found nowhere but here. 
 Breathtaking panoramic view of the Bau area


Hayashi said...

hihi. the views are nice. May I know which kampung to reach there? Because cant find anything by Google search on the cave name. >.<

Wilson Chin said...

Sure, its here
Normal car can't reach, as you will need a 4WD, cause the road to the entrance are too muddy.
That's the first time I went to that place, my friend been there few time, so he knows the way very well. Hope the maps location helps.

Hayashi said...
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Hayashi said...

I see. Thank you very much. I have 4WD. hehehehe. This attraction can be one of the most interesting in Kuching especially it has a cave. hahaha

Mary T. Weis said...

Forest photography . These are looks attractive .. Thanks for sharing such ncie photos .

Clipping Mask Asia said...

I love your outdoor work. Each of the captures contains different stories of adventure and outbound joy.

Oscar Fernandez said...

The location was so beautiful. Thanks