Saturday, March 18, 2006

Bako National Park, Sarawak - Final Part

2006 Bako National Park Exploration Trip
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Usually I will not sleep well at others bed beside my own, but yesterday night I had a very good night sleep, I was too tired. Woke up at 7:00AM, brush my teeth with the reddish water and it tasted bad. We all had our breakfast at the one and only Kerangas Café when we’re having our breakfast, the Vacumm Cleaner (Bearded Pig) had come again, sniffing here and there looking for food. The café was crowded with foreign visitor, and some of them are very pretty. Before we start our trek, we saw a ground of visitor pointing at the trees. It was the silver-leaf monkey; they are eating the fruits at the trees.

Actually there are also longer tails into the more remote parts like Telok Limau and Telok Kruin trails, but it requires to camp overnight, so we choose the short trails. On day two, our group leader and P.E choose the Pandan Trail, they choose this trail because it is easier to view this rare and unusual primate – The Proboscis Monkey. We walk from mixed dipterocarp forest to peat mangrove swamp forest yet still no sign of the proboscis monkey. Compare with the three trails that I’ve hiked yesterday, this trails require a lot of climbing up, walking through tree-covered cliff, and down hills.

Just when we walk through the mangrove swamp, P.E suddenly stop us, he told us he smell the proboscis monkey!!! He asked us to focus the forest in front of us. I keep on looking but yet still no sign of the monkey. Then one of our team member start to “Oh there it is”, then follow by the second one, the third. Yes I saw it; the monkey is just behind the branch. OMG!!! What a beautiful animal, they have big nose, a big tummy and a silver white long tail. This is the first time I saw the proboscis monkey with my own eyes. Kenny then starts to make the proboscis monkey sound “oooowak, oooowak”, but the monkey look away *hahaha* they said that the monkey knows that this is the sound of an ugly female proboscis, so he is not interested.

On our way back to the HQ, P.E had discover a snake, he just walk to the snake and crab on it’s freaking tail. Oh man, this guide is cool or what! He let us hold the snake, I was afraid, but I wanted to try and it was fun. The trail ends with a happy and exciting ending. After the snake, we all went to our boat. It was noon, and is very hot. When I walk to the boat, I look back at Bako National Park. This trip was fun, exiting, tired, hot, itchy (mosquito bites), hungry, and scary. It also helped me gain a lot of knowledge as well. So thanks to my dear cousin brother Kenny and the gang that let me join in the fun, and thanks to P.E for the unforgettable experience.

----------The End of Bako National Park Trip----------

My breakfast, two roti canai with no curry, and two sausage

My Milo energy drink

Good morning Bako National Park

aw~~~a mother monkey carrying her child while looking for food, but we are advice not to give any food to the monkey

This is the vacuum cleaner, the Breaded Pig

The silver-leaf monkey, there are a few of them eating fruits on top of the trees

Rattan which can be use to make chairs, tables, and other furniture.

The mangroves trees

Try our best to spot the proboscis monkey, yet still no sign of them

Wild flower

We had a few minutes break at one of the beach, before we continue with our journey

Into the peat swamp

At last, the proboscis monkey. It’s very shy, it just stay on the tree branch while waging its silver long tail

Try to leap from one tree to another

Sea Hibiscus

P.E catching the snake!!! He’s the man!!!

For the first time me holding a snake, while taking photo. Snakes are cool blooded reptile, so they asked can I feel the snake body temperature. I was so afraid and happy that I had forgot all about it

Farewell Bako National Park, I’ve end my journey with a happy and fun ending

Our boat to take us back to Bako Village

One for the album
L-R: Mr Lok, Azaha, Joe, Kenny, Justee, and Wilson Chin (me)


miracle8 said...

Wow-- the picture of the proboscis monkey-like I was telling you yesterday, really is "ker yu bu ker qiu". You are really really lucky to see it. :)
And I cannot believe you managed to get a close up of the Lord of the Vaccum Cleaner! Gosh it is so so so cute!
I may never take pork again after this, kelian the "Zhu Da Ger".
Hmmm... visiting Bako National Park is the next thing on my "to-do" list. :D

kyels said...

Hey, nice photos! Keep it up!

What camera are you using by the way. And nice to meet you. :)

Wilson said...

miracle8 -
ya, just when we want to balik, then they just appear like that. u should definately visit bako :)

kyels -
thanks man, i'm using Olympus mju-mini digital 4MP.

kyels said...

Wilson, I was just wondering, how did you get the purple skies with the lightning bolt?

But really, your pictures are nice. :)

Wilson said...

kyels -
That night I was very lucky, the lightning is striking here and there. The sky look purple is because of the lightning spark.